10 Best Alesis Digital Pianos Reviews 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

One of the reasons why people with an interest in digital piano-seeking music is the versatility they offer for everyone when creating music. These instruments have virtually no limits when it comes to creating music and the variety of notes. In addition, those who master the art of playing a piano already have knowledge to play virtually any instrument. This is the best way to learn and get into the musical world. No matter your age or experience, if you like music, it’s always helpful to have your own digital piano at your disposal. You never know when that creative attack is going to come to you, or you’ll just want to have fun with your friends.

Even the most professional ones still use digital pianos, but that is, much more advanced than average. Those who are more experienced know even more how to get the most out of these instruments, even with the latest advances in technology, and continue to innovate and amaze the audience with their creativity.

As there is such an extensive range of different pianos, getting the one that suits your needs can be a really titanic and frustrating task, especially since these instruments are not usually cheap and easily replaceable. In this article we are going to help you get the digital piano that most resembles inside the incredible catalog that Alesis offers.

You have to take into account that digital pianos come in different shapes and presentations, such as piano consoles, upright digital pianos, synthesizers and MIDI controller keyboards. Now, digital pianos are the most basic among these. With a digital piano you can do more things without being so specialized, and they are usually more portable and easy to install. Upright pianos usually come with some fixed components such as cabinets or support mechanisms, although they offer digital piano-like functionalities. Stage pianos are the most fixed because they are designed and built specifically for a stage, and feature special features to provide quality sound for live performances and not for studio recordings. Digital piano consoles are like upright pianos but in sound and features they look more like an acoustic piano. And finally, MIDI controllers and synthesizers are manufactured specifically for music production in the studio, and feature a huge variety of sounds and effects, they don’t usually have built-in speakers and rely on other devices for this Function.

You can find digital pianos, as we have already said, in a wide variety. Some come with 61 keys, others on 45, 75 and 88 keys. Children typically use 45-key keyboards while the rest of keyboards, 61, 75, 88 are for more grown-ups who can take it more seriously. Usually beginners start using fewer keys, and these will increase as the player increases their experience.

The main thing you have to know about a piano is its sound quality, the fidelity of the tones, the different effects and voices and its compatibility with USB MIDI connections. Some other useful features are the functionality of splitting the sound of the keyboard, recorder with background music, among others. These additional options will help you in your learning when playing the piano.


Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

Alesis is a brand to be taken into account by the competition when it comes to digital pianos. The 88-key recital is an incredibly suitable piano for beginners who are excited to enter the world of music. Its features are specifically designed for this work.

This keyboard features 5 different types of piano voices, including electric piano, acoustic piano, bass, synthesizer and organ. To complement your learning, Alesis has incorporated its educational system that is very intuitive even for the most inexperienced, with which you will quickly and comfortably develop all your skills, to become an expert in the handling of the instrument.

The keys are fully adjustable, set the sensitivity that best suits your taste. It also has a very power built-in speakers of 20 watts each, with which you can play at a very high volume in a medium-sized room without worrying about distortion. Although it does not bring a pedal, it does come with the ability to connect one externally.

If you want to play more privately, you can connect your headphones so you can experience more personally the incredible sound that this Alesis keyboard produces. You can also connect this digital piano to an external sound equipment or amplifier, thanks to its RCA connectivity and power adapter.

As a digital piano designed for beginners and students, it comes with Skoove piano lessons, which will help you increase your level of experience considerably in a program of only 3 months.

Alesis Portable 61 Key Melody Piano/Keyboard

This is another digital piano of the popular brand Alesis designed for the most beginners, but with the particularity that it is much more portable. It has a lower number of keys, with only 61. This instrument is a great choice for beginners and users who need to practice anywhere and whenever it is quickly and easily.

It also comes with the ability to connect your headphones if you want to practice without disturbing other people, plus this way you get a very good experience with the sound. Bring up to 200 built-in sounds for you to play and have fun. In addition, you can create your own songs with over 128 built-in accompaniment rhythms.

The most noticeable advantage of this keyboard is the ease with which you can install it to start playing. It doesn’t require more effort, and anyone can do it. Once you turn on the keyboard, you can go directly to playing with the songs in three different modes. With the One-Key you can learn the various rhythms of the songs and sounds of the digital piano, with the Follow-Mode allows you to get the notes, and finally, the Ensemble Mode allows you to play the whole song together.

Alesis’ Melody 61 keyboard also comes with its respective battery, which makes sense, this being, as already mentioned, an absolutely portable digital keyboard to play wherever there is no power outlet. The recording feature is also very fun and practical, and you can also record your voice while playing the piano.

Alesis Harmony Ultra Portable 61 Keyboard

This is one of the best models of Alesis. It’s powerful, practical, versatile and its keys respond very well to the touch. The 61-key Harmony features high-speed responsive keys, and you can fully adjust this feature. This particularity makes this keyboard the best in the Alesis catalog.

It comes with the large number of 100 built-in beats and up to 100 songs for you to play with you. You can also record yourself playing, and split the keyboard into two parts to play in duet or with an instructor.

You can choose from 32 different voices and play in multiple layers. You also have an adjustable metronome so you don’t lose your rhythm. Finally, it has a chord dictionary to bring out your creativity and create your own original songs, all visible on its high-resolution LCD screen. Definitely, this keyboard is worth what it costs.

Alesis MIDI/USB VI49 Keyboard

This digital piano that we have here is designed with the portability of the instrument in mind. It has dimensions of 35.2 x 18.2 x 7 inches, which as you can tell, is too small for a regular digital piano. It is a digital keyboard for those who are just getting started, as well as for those who are looking for is a complementary MIDI device to produce their music. The Alesis VI49 has only 49 keys, semi-heavy, however, they have an acceptable response sensitivity to touch. Unlike the Harmony 61, it doesn’t have the ability to adjust the response sensitivity, which can be a big disadvantage in comparison. Anyway, the goal of this digital keyboard is simply to give you a sound suitable for your practice moments.

It has 36 buttons that you can assign and configure a series of options for you to use while you are playing, as well as 12 knots with this same function. These are the functions that make the VI49 relevant, as you can customize it in a very complete way. It also has 16 sensitive speed pads that light up in various colors when touched. This experience makes you feel like you’re really connected to your instrument and your music.

To more properly configure the buttons and knots, the VI49 has a convenient LED display where you can see exactly the status of your current settings.

You can connect this digital keyboard as a MIDI device to your computer or Mac using fully compatible USB connectivity, as well as connect your Smartphone or MP3 to it. To play without disturbing anyone around you, you can calmly connect your hearing aids and enjoy your music more privately.

Finally, it also comes with a cleaning cloth, an interactive learning program, as well as a full warranty for one year. It is an excellent choice for the beginner.

Choosing the Best Alesis Digital Pianos

The best way to know if a piano is excellent, and adapts to your needs, is to play it on your own. However, this is not always possible for a number of different reasons. This can thwart your search for the right digital keyboard for you. In addition, if you can go to a physical store in search of your instrument, they often do not provide you with the knowledge of the specific features you need to know before making the right decision. You will also not be able to know the opinion of the users who have acquired this instrument in which you are interested, nor what the experience of those users has been.

Even if the piano sounds great, you won’t be sure of all the features it brings, the quality of its construction, the maximum performance it can have, or if it’s worth paying the price. In this sense, shopping online represents a great advantage. With just a couple of clicks you can easily access all the information, knowing every detail that the instrument has to offer, as well as what is the true opinion of the users who have purchased the product that you are Investigating.

This way, you’ll be able to know which Alesis keyboard is right for you.

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