15 Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

At this point Casio is a brand that does not need any introduction. During all these years he has supplied musicians from all over the world with the best quality musical instruments that can exist, improving year after year and providing exquisite sound for both musicians and audiences.

It is a somewhat old company, but with quite an experience that has deservedly earned its popularity with its service becoming what it is today. Since 1980, when he developed and launched his first digital piano, they have not stopped, and continue to be users’ favorites. And since then, they have continued to create and develop the latest technologies that continue to surprise musicians from all over the world, in terms of performance, quality and design. Today, any Casio digital piano you purchase will provide you with a premium experience.

If you’re looking for a good quality digital piano you can trust, you could choose between a Casio or Yamaha and you wouldn’t be wrong. No matter your budget, Casio offers you the option that best suits you, and your needs. They have in their catalog a wide range of products that you might be looking at for hours, and it would be somewhat difficult to make sure what casio product you want. We’re here to help you.

We will recommend our 10 favorite Casio digital pianos to help you choose properly. These are the keyboards preferred by professionals and experts.


Casio CTK2400 61- Key Portable Keyboard

The CTK2400 is a fairly simple digital piano, its design is not very complicated and is quite as for novice users. This is a keyboard suitable for you if you are starting to learn and want a piano that provides you with easy access to its functions. It is thinking especially for low-budget consumers but looking for that characteristic quality of Casio.

It has improved samplings and contains up to 400 AHL keyboard voices. With its variety of sounds and effects, you will be made much more interesting and entertaining to play this digital keyboard. It also includes 48 polyphony tones, 150 different rhythms and USB MIDI connectivity capability.

The 3-step learning system will help students learn more efficiently and improve in those areas where they are failing, knowing all the necessary techniques for a good execution. It features 110 pre-recorded songs, and weighs approximately 11.2 pounds, with dimensions of 40 x 6 x 16 inches, making it very light and portable.

As it is a simpler and more economical model for beginners, it does not bring a built-in recorder or touch sensitivity. However, the sound quality and tones are still of excellent quality and will leave nothing to be desired. This is the best option to start from scratch and more economically your career as a pianist.

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

If you are looking for a more realistic experience this is the right keyboard for you. This model brings the functionality of emulating the feeling of playing a classic grand piano, with relentless sound and performance at all times.

Advanced Air Sound functionality lets you play sounds with enhanced resonance that will amaze you and give you the experience of playing an acoustic piano. The engine in this model has also been improved to provide a more vivid and stronger sound, and the keys are enhanced to provide a better response to touch.

Also notable is its elegant and beautiful design, as well as having features that greatly improve the performance of this digital keyboard to make it more impressive and expressive. It has a total of 88 keys made of a material that will give you the feeling of playing ivory and ebony, to give you an experience as close to reality as possible.

Incredible Tri-Sensor II technology provides a different sound that depends on the intensity with which you press a key, to give a more realistic and personalized sound according to the way you play. It has up to 256 polyphony note, as well as 18 different instrument tones. This new model includes sounds from other electronic pianos and stereo strings.

Finally, it has the functionality to tap to duet, split the keyboard in two and touch by layers. So you can play with a partner and improve your learning experience. It also has, to accompany you, 10 recorded orchestral performances of very high sound quality.

Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano, Black

This is a keyboard for those looking for a combination of durability with great performance and impeccable sound quality. The PX760 is an 88-key digital keyboard that gives you the ivory and ebony feel of a traditional piano, features different levels of response depending on sensitivity for a more personalized experience. In addition, it has up to 128 polyphony notes. This instrument gives you a feeling that you’re playing a real instrument, both in the touch and in the sound it emits.

All these features are complemented by the tri-pedal system which includes a resonance switch to greatly improve sound quality, with a wonderful experience. It has a multidimensional Air Sound Source and the Tri-Sensor II provides different responses depending on the level of intensity with which you press the keys. All these features together make this Casio instrument a truly amazing product. Its external design is also very elegant and attractive to the public.

Finally, it comes with a key guard that prevents them from filling up with dust and dirt, and damage. In addition to the quaility cabinet, it also has a holder included so you won’t have to spend extra money separately. And, it has an attractive 3-year warranty that covers many damage, so Casio guarantees you a product of the highest quality.

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

This digital piano is really elegant and attractive to users, looks good and decorates where verily. It has a rigid structure, with a very fine finish that guarantees an instrument whose durability is many years.

It is built with wooden cabinets that give a more classic and professional look, and with a very useful coverage that protects the keys from damage that they may suffer from dirt. In terms of sound quality, this is easily one of the digital keyboards that offer the best quality and high sound fidelity on the market. It’s powerful, vivid and spectacular.

To project that rich and powerful sound, the PX870 features up to four powerful speakers that are designed to make the most of this instrument, and leave the audience stunned.

Like the other Casio digital pianos, it also features the Tri-sensor II feature that emulates the hammer scaling of a classic piano and completely enhances the experience of playing this instrument. It comes with built-in tones of up to 19 different instruments, 256 polyphony notes and a library of large numbers of 60 songs, as well as a very handy recorder.

But the most peculiar are the accessories that can be adapted to give it a more attractive and elegant look, as if it were one more piece of furniture of your house that decorates spectacularly. It comes with an instruction DVD, a cloth to properly clean and maintain your piano, a guide and a pair of headphones. Definitely buying this Casio digital piano is a great investment.

Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano

The following is a large digital keyboard, which measures 11.5 x 52 x 5.5 inches and weighs approximately 24.5 pounds. It’s made particularly to make you feel like you’re playing a real acoustic piano because of its Air Source smart resonator. It is a digital piano that will show you all the cool features of the best keyboards on the market at a very reasonable price. It’s very powerful, and its performance will leave you nothing to be desired.

The keys have the functionality of the Tri-Sensor II of hammer-scaled action, along with a finish on the surface of the keys that give the ebony and ivory feel of a classic concert piano, for a better experience that will cause delight when playing. The sound of the keys also responds to the speed with which you press them, letting you run the songs in a more vivid and personalized way.

The exterior also has a very good finish, quite nice and impeccable. It’s a pretty bulky digital keyboard that features two 8 watt speakers each to give you a corresponding sound its powerful sound engine. If you’re not satisfied with the built-in speakers, you can connect it to an external sound system or amplifier using the line-out. On the front you have two headphone jacks, just in case you want to play quieter and quieter.

Casio LK-175 PPK 61-Key Premium Lighted Keyboard

This is Casio’s favorite model for students, as it makes the learning process much easier and easier, as well as fun. We advise beginners to purchase this model.

The LK-175 features a fabulous and intuitive LCD screen where the user can easily view and access the different features and configurations, so you can get the most out of it. It has a system of lessons that is very useful and practical for students, as it tells them how to play the songs and helps them in the practices. All of this is also thinking so that the user has more control over everything they can do with their digital piano, and get the necessary help. If the user wishes, they can connect auxiliary speakers using the corresponding connector.

It also has USB MIDI compatibility support for use in conjunction with iOS devices or computers without the need for complicated extra installations. Also, if you want to enjoy your music more quietly and without disturbing anyone, you can connect your hearing aids. This keyboard includes up to 150 different beats, 400 ringtones and 110 built-in songs by default, as well as EFX Sound Sampling.

It also comes with its respective power adapter, so you won’t have to spend extra money buying it separately. Finally, it comes with a great built-in stand fully adjustable for your height, made of very good material that will guarantee a long durability.

Casio WK245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard with Power Supply

The WK245, a digital piano that looks quite simple on the outside but comes with a number of cool features that make it an excellent choice for any pianist. Be a beginner of the piano or someone much more experienced, you will get on this digital keyboard a very good experience that will leave you more than satisfied.

It combines the highest level technology, used in the most expensive digital pianos, along with features of a simpler digital keyboard for all audiences. It is built in a very solid way with materials and I finish high quality. It has a rather impressive sound quality that even attracts even the most experienced and critical music.

It has 76 keys, 152 songs included in the memory, up to 180 different rhythms and 48 polyphony notes. You can play in accompaniment and also has a memory of 32 records. So too, the responsiveness of the keys and feel is quite good that they make it easy to play this piano and guarantee a better experience.

The best thing is how comfortable it is to play this piano, along with the series of different rhythms, and the accessible and practical MIDI interface. You’ll be able to see the notation as you play so you don’t make a mistake. It is definitely the best instrument you can buy at a price too, all this with Casio quality. This portable digital piano is your best choice.

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano

The highlight of this digital piano is how advanced it is technologically. Casio went to great lengths to be at the forefront of the CGP-700BK, providing performance and power like no other, as well as having an extensive range of modern features. The way you control it is designed to make it very easy to use for musicians, because you can access all the features it brings through a very useful color LCD touch screen, with a very intuitive user interface, 5.3 inches. The display is also high resolution, with adjustable brightness. You can select the rhythms and sounds you want to play here.

The Casio CGP-700BK produces a vivid and flawless sound, and quite powerful in its built-in 6-speaker system. Use two speakers for low frequencies, and the rest on the panel for louder sound. This voluminous piano produces a fairly wide sound that will be projected spectacularly in any environment.

The keys also feature the Tri-Sensor II hammer scaled function to give the user the feeling that he is playing a large acoustic piano of real concerts. It has a three pedal system to control the switch, soft tones and styling. As you can see, this digital piano offers all the features that the most professional pianists need to carry out a great performance. If you are one of these experts, do not hesitate to buy this Casio digital piano.

Casio Inc. PX5S 88-Key Privia Pro Digital Stage Piano

As usual in Casio models, this copy will give you that pleasurable high fidelity sound you’re waiting for. It also provides amazing and practical portability, so you can play whenever and wherever you want.

You can edit the tones, insert the effects you want and full MIDI controller accessibility. This digital keyboard has 88 keys, with the acclaimed Tri-Sensor II hammer scaled technology. It produces with astonishing fidelity the sounds of clav, harpsichord, classical electric piano, as well as the amazing sound of a large acoustic piano.

The effect parameters and so on are fully configurable to the user’s desire. Surprise all your listeners by giving them a whole new experience with this amazing digital piano. It has a feature that helps you play much better at the touch of a button. You can also connect your keyboard via USB to your pc or mac without the need for complicated installations. This may not be the cheapest digital piano in the Casio, but without a doubt that with so many great features, its price is more than justified.

Casio PX360BK Digital Key Piano

This digital piano is based on giving the user the greatest comfort when playing. It has a sound that stands out from the other keyboards for its incredible quality and fidelity, and comes with an astonishing 550 different ringtones as well as 220 rhythms, and quite powerful built-in speakers.

The PX360BK comes with a full-touch color display that makes it easy to navigate all its configurations and functions with unmatched ease. Learn more easily with this piano, and quickly and appropriately access the information you need.

Like many other models, it includes the amazing Tri-Sensor hammer scaled action feature for the keys that provide that touch and realistic feel characteristic of the Casio brand. This digital piano is made to deliver the highest performance an instrument in this category can deliver.

The keys are made of a material that mimics the pleasant sensation of ebony and ivory on your fingers, to give more realism to your experience when playing. The powerful and faithful sound of this instrument is provided by the built-in Air Sound Source, which at the same time creates smoother transitions and sound with better resonance and atmosphere.

Choosing the Best Casio Digital Piano

As we have already said, each Casio digital piano has specific features to satisfy all kinds of users, and each model is quite special in its way of being.

To be able to choose more securely, you must take into account what your real musical needs are, what your level and experience are, and what you need a digital keyboard for. In this way, you will choose the right instrument for you, to which you can make the most of it.

Many digital pianos come with a wide variety of sounds and functionalities that can make it more complicated to simply practice and play, when what you’re really looking for is a high-quality, fidelity sound that leaves nothing to be desired. If you’re a beginner, it can be quite annoying to get lost among so many luxurious features that don’t lead you to what you really want to do. What you need is an instrument that gives you opportunities and facilities that help you in your learning and exploit your potential.

Zen Chung

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