The Best Cello Cases Expert Guide for a Professional Cellist 

 April 13, 2021

By  Zen Chung

Cello is an expensive and very fragile musical instrument that can get scratched or broken very easily due to its size. However, with the protection of a cello case, the cello will have minimum damages. Therefore, you should consider buying one of the best cello cases on the market.

There are varieties types of cello cases on the market that you can buy. These cases are divided into two categories; hard cases and gig bags. Although hard cases are the most popular and can deliver all-around protection to your musical instrument, that doesn’t mean that the gig bags are not helpful.

When choosing the cello case, take into account the primary way you will be transporting your cello. Besides, it is essential to do some research to find a great quality product to protect your instrument. However, in this case, you don’t have to worry about the study. We have listed the best cello cases for you. Keep reading!


1. Best Fiberglass Hard Case-Bobelock 2000W 

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Bobelock 2000W has a stylish-looking black colored exterior with a wine velour interior. The interior has a soft-cushioned material to hold your cello safely, as well as ensuring there is no friction or bumping. Besides, it is one of the best cello cases for any beginner or intermediate cellist. 

This hard cello case model also offers suspension. To reduce the weight, Bobelock 2000W cello case designer initiated a fiberglass construction to it. However, users still complain about the weight.

This unit comes with wheels to make it easy to handle and to avoid you dragging it. Bobelock 2000W cello case has two bow holders as well; you can either hold the two lower down to pull it or the upper handle. Lastly, there is a separate shoulder strap to sling across your body if you want to carry it on your back.


  • Durable.
  • Has two bow holders.
  • Affordable.
  • Soft interior for protection.


  • A bit heavy.

2. Best Flight Cases

Bam France 1001S Classic Peony Red 4/4 Cello Case

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Bam France 1001S has a classic design and is made of a super tough ABS shell making it more durable. The case is dedicated to protecting your cello while making it easy and comfortable for you to carry it. You can cart the case either in one hand by using one of the two handles or the two paddle backpack straps.  

Furthermore, you can transport your cello free of damages.

This cello case model has a plush, molded interior cushions that hold your cello safely and ensure there is no friction or bumping. It also offers suspension. Besides, Bam France 1001S cello cases more compact than Bam’s High-tech cello cases and will fit into the Bam France flight cover.

We cannot forget to mention that users complain about the cello case’s price. In comparison to others it is quite expensive.


  • It is a practical cello case for travel.
  • It has a good-looking classic design.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  •  Fits on Bam France flight cover.


  • Expensive unit.
  • Lacks wheels.

Travelite TL-20 Deluxe Cello Case - 4/4 Size

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Travelite TL-20 is a precision-engineered instrument case made of high-grade, durable, lightweight foam. Consequently, you do not have to go through the frustration of carrying heavy cello cases only because you need to deliver improved protection to the musical instrument.

Another striking feature about this model is its arched-top construction that comes with an entire suspension top. It is joined with a durable body to provide an improved level of strength.

The plush blue-grey velour interior of the Travelite TL-20 cello case comes with two internal bow holders and neck support with a Velcro strap, ensuring a snug and protective fit. Furthermore, the exterior has removable back straps, a hygrometer to control moisture, and a nylon exterior cover that makes the cello case withstand all harsh elements of nature that it is exposed to for a long time.

We cannot forget to mention that the Travelite TL-20 cello case has wheels on the bottom for easy transport.


  • It is a strong case.
  • It is light to carry.
  • Great cello case for travel.


  • Zipper falls off after few months.

3. Best Budget Cello Case-Protec (C310E) 4/4 Cello Gig Bag - Silver Series 

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Protect C310E is made of weather and spill-resistant nylon padding. The interior is also made of non-abrasive Nylex lining with grab handles for easy transport.

This model includes adjustable backpack straps thickly padded for comfortable carrying and can be tucked away when you are not using them. Moreover, there is a luggage ID tag for you to use when traveling and multiple storage pockets for bows and accessories, inside and out.

This cello gig bag is ideal for someone on a budget. 


  • The backpack straps are padded.
  •  Comes with luggage ID tag.
  •  Has ample space for storage.
  •  The interior is thickly padded for cello safety.


  • Has no wheels.
  • It is heavy for a soft case.

4. Best Lightest Cello Case-Accord Large Standard Cello Case – White

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The Accord cello case weighs only 5.8 pounds; it is one of the market’s most lightweight cello cases. It is a sturdy case with an estimated strength of 40-kilo crush resistance. Furthermore, this case model includes Accord’s standard color options except for the silver metallic color.

This cello case has a plush, molded interior cushions that hold your cello safely and ensure there is no friction or bumping. It also comes with spare set cushions. Moreover, it has detachable pockets for bows and accessories.

The cello case comes in four different models that match the shape and size of any instrument. It also comes with two back straps that you can sling across your body.

The Accord’s price is very high when compared to other models. However, the price should not make you choose another low-quality cello case.


  • Very light cello case.
  • Protects the cello from scratches.
  • Large to store other accessories.


  • Very expensive.

Features of the Best Cello Cases

1. Durable

The durability of a cello case is the measure of how long it will last you. You can buy the strongest and lightest cello case out there, but then if the latches are made of cheap plastic and break within a short period, the cello case will be tough to use if you cannot close it.

Therefore, when we focus on cello cases’ durability, we look at all the small elements and the “wear and tear” factors of the material used.

Durability is a huge factor to consider as well when it comes to budget. For instance, a cello case with a $700 price tag is much better than a $ 200 case that you have to replace every few years.

2. Functional

A functional cello case relies on the needs of the cellist. Some of these cello cases may feature sheet music pouches on the backside or inside the case. Some cello cases may have more handles, whereas some have wheels, but no handles to pull the case.

Some cello cases feature airtight seals with only 1 to 3 latches, and others may have up to 8 latches. It feels safer to have more latches but could take a while to open before and after every music class.

Backpack straps are also essential; you don’t want a case with cheap back straps that may injury your shoulders. Therefore, cello cases with padded backpack straps are an added advantage.

3. Lightweight

A lightweight cello case can weigh less than 10 pounds, while ultra-light cello cases can weigh less than 6 pounds. There are heavy cases that come with wheels, suitable for cellists who frequently travel with their cellos. However, wheeling around is not much fun, especially when the case tips right and left due to uneven roads.

So, carrying the cello case on your back is perfect and convenient when maneuvering the busy city streets.

4. Protective

A case that can take a beating and still keep your cellos fully protected even if the case accidentally drops down a flight of stairs is the best option. Protective shell cases mean they are rugged and robust. Those that are scratch-resistant.

We do not recommend cheap cello cases even it is made of wood or fiberglass. Cheap fiberglass means thin fiberglass. We also do not recommend cases with no brand name. There might be a reason these cases don’t want to build a reputation.

5. Temperature-Resistant

The cello is a delicate wooden instrument, which can be damaged by the harsh hot sun. Wooden cases are significant in protecting orchestral instruments from extreme temperatures. However, these wooden cello cases can get very heavy, making most of the cellists go for carbon fiber cases.

Carbon fiber cases are lighter and more protective than wooden models. However, they are metallic, and that means heat. You cannot leave a carbon fiber case outside or in the trunk of your car during a sunny day.

Another material is Styrofoam. It is excellent against harsh temperatures since it doesn’t absorb heat like carbon fiber. However, it is fragile in that you could break it just by sitting on it.

Building a temperature-resistant cello case can be a challenge, as you can see. Nevertheless, with technology advancements, case makers can create sturdier, lighter, more durable, and temperature-resistant cases using materials like thermoplastic, composite fiberglass, polycarbonate, special ABS, etc.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cello Case

Most of these musical instrument cases appear the same on the surface. With that said, consider the following factors before buying your cello case;

1. Portability

Cellos are heavy instruments to carry without a case. The case should come with attachments to hold when transporting it. Some of these attachments are:

Handle- a handle positioned on the side of the case lets you carry your cello like a briefcase. You will need room ahead and behind you and a solid arm to move the cello. You can also hold the case on your hip or upright next to you. However, you will need handles that make it easy to grip the case vertically.

Wheel- a wheeled cello is an ideal choice when transporting your cello. It only takes the strain off your arm and lets you get to your destination without hassle.

Straps- carting your cello on your back is much easier if you can handle the weight. That way, you will avoid banging it into objects on your way. Adjustable straps are the best option for added comfort, especially if they are padded.

2. Material

Interior-The inside of the cello case should be very scratch-resistant. Velvet is an excellent choice for the inner lining since it is soft and silky, just like a warm blanket. Velour is also a great option. They are plush, smooth, and cushioning.

Exterior- Look for a case made from fiberglass. It is durable, versatile and it can handle heat. The durability feature makes it ideal for withstanding bumpy travel and enduring heat. Carbon fiber materials are also great options.

3. Hard or soft

A hard cello case may look like it provides the most protection; however, a soft cello case with a lot of padding can do the same job.

Soft cello cases can prevent the instrument from getting scratched and provide flexibility for transportation.

4. Weight

A cello has an average weight of 5-7 pounds. As a musician, it may not seem heavy when playing, but it’s a lot to carry around in a case that weighs the same. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the weight before buying the case.


As a cellist, a case is very crucial for your precious instrument. With that said, figure out your main priority in a case before buying it. The reviews will help you decide.

If you are on a budget, Protect C310E cello gig bag is worth your consideration. If you are looking for a case that has lightweight, invest in Accord Large Standard Cello Case. Moreover, if you want a cello case that can endure flights, you can either get Bam France 1001S Classic Peony Red 4/4 Cello Case or Travelite TL-20 Deluxe Cello Case.

Zen Chung

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