Best Cello for Beginners to Kickstart a Music Career 

 April 13, 2021

By  Zen Chung

The cello has survived hundreds of years and is one of the most beautiful classical music instruments belonging to the violin family. Like any other instrument, the cello can convey different emotions through music, as players and composers have done in the past. The cello has an intense and rich sound, making the instrument unique and very successful. Learning to play an instrument is like learning to speak a new language altogether. Becoming a cello student is a brave decision and one that will pay off. A beginner has a lot of information to consume and might have too many cello brands for beginners to choose from. During this pandemic period, when people are mostly indoors, picking up the cello is one of the best investments one can make on themselves. Let us take a look at different beginner cellos available for students to buy.


Cellos Every Beginner Should Have

1. Cecilio CCO 100 Stringed Instrument

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The Cecilio CCO 100 is ideal for a student cellist who is just starting their lessons to play the instrument. The cello has a lightweight, padded carrying soft case with adjustable straps and a pocket for convenience when carrying to school or an orchestra. Some beginners struggle with handling instruments for the first time, and for this reason, Cecilio CCO has a maple back, neck and sides, and a crack-proof spruce top. The bow that comes with the beginner cello starter kit is a Brazilwood with unbleached horsehair. An extra set of cello strings, rosin cake, and a cello stand come together with the instrument, placing the cello at the top of the list.


  • The cellos have crack-proof spruce tops for safety.
  • Cecilio CCO 100 student cello has a soft padded carrying case for easy and safe transportation between points.
  • The instrument has an affordable price.
  • The cello has an extra set of strings for change.


  • One has to reassemble the bridge themselves after shipping.
  • Cheap instruments, however convenient they are for a student, do not sound good or professional.
  • Cellos are large and bulky to carry around.

2. Cecilio CCO 500

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The Cecilio CCO 500 is a beginner cello with ebony fitted flamed solid wood, soft and hard case. The cello brand is like the CCO 100 and comes with rosin, bridge, bow, stand, and an extra set of strings. The cello has a high-luster varnish with inlaid purfling to give it a classical look. Cecilio CCO 500 has a hand-carved solid spruce top with a flamed maple neck, sides, and back. Fine tuners of the cello are nickel-plated and feel good, and easy to use. The cello has an ebony fingerboard and pegs. Other cello accessories include a bow having Mongolian horsehair, cello stand, rosin, and an extra set of strings for replacement.


  • The brand comes with a one-year warranty, a safe bargain for anyone starting the instrument.
  • The cello can be used by both beginner and intermediate cello students.
  • The Cecilio CCO 500 is fitted with a hard and soft casing, making it easy to carry to school or the orchestra.
  • The bow has unbleached horsehair.
  • Accessories include rosin cake, a cello stand, and an extra set of cello strings.
  • The cello is very affordable for use by both starting and continuing students.


  • Cheap instruments do not have the best sound and will less likely be bought or recommended by a professional.
  • The cello bridge has to be fixed after purchase, an activity that may be a bit challenging for a beginner to undertake.

3. D'Luca MC100 Meister Student Cello

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The D'Luca MC100 Meister is good cello for beginners because of its affordability and features a good cello school package. This package includes an adjustable endpin, maple bridge, a portable stand, protective padded cello bags for gigs, a clip-on tuner, rosin cake, and horsehair bow. The tuner is one of the essential accessories to any musician with a stringed or a classical instrument. Therefore it was very thoughtful for D'Luca to include the tuner in their package. The cellos are inspected before being shipped out to fully ensure that you get the instruments that will cater to your needs. The D'Luca MC100 comes in different cello sizes, making it easier for a beginner of any age to have somewhere they can start.


  • Unlike many other cellos in the same price range, the D'Luca MC100 has more accessories, like the tuner, something you would have to buy separately in the case of other brands.
  • The cello comes in different sizes, making it easier for students of any age to get what is suitable for their needs.
  • A clip-on cello chromatic tuner comes with the cello as a package, making it easier for a starting student and helping them start right.
  • The bow has original and quality horsehair.


  • Students or beginners have to fit the bridge back onto the cello themselves, which might be a little difficult for them.
  • The cello is cheap and probably not the brand quality a professional-grade player would recommend; however, the cello is still great for use by beginners and intermediate students alike.
  • The cello is a large instrument and can be a bit hectic to move around when going either for classes or an orchestra.

4. Z Strad Cello Model 101

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The D Z Strad Cello Model is a great starter cello with a warm and round tone, a feature that many cello players choose. The Z Strad is a favorite of most private teachers, including Suzuki. The Z Strad is one of the best cello brands with hard-curved pegs, beautiful chinrest wood and, genuine ebony fittings and fingerboards. The cello outfit includes the cello itself, the cello case, prelude cello strings, rosin, and a cello bow. The brand varies from 4/4 beginner cello starter to 1/4 beginner.


  • The Z Strad has a positive review from teachers like Suzuki.
  • The cello has a beautiful appearance with a chinrest, beautiful wood, and ebony fittings.
  • The cello has a warm and round tone, producing a sound that many cellists embrace.
  • Z Strad cellos have a value pack cello outfit that includes a bow, rosin, and cello itself.


  • The cello brand is a bit more expensive than other brands. However, it is essential to note that quality instruments will be a little more costly than their counterparts.
  • Cellos are bulky and a little challenging to carry around to an orchestra or church.

5. Cremona SC 165 Student Cello Outfit

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The Cremona SC 165 premier student outfit has a fantastic build quality for better shape and a hard shell foam case for extra protection with MENC standards. The neck is oiled to feel better and well balanced for ease of playing. The Cremona SC 165 is made of the ebony fingerboard and Indian rosewood fittings. Accuracy on the instrument has been increased by ensuring the correct string spacing and string height for precision when positioning, which affects the intonation. The beginner cello pegs are Swiss-style fitted and have a quality lightweight composite tailpiece with 4 tuners for smooth tuning.


  • The build quality of the shell meets the MENC standards, making the cello the best cello for beginners.
  • The Cremona SC 164 is a 1/4 size which a good size for cellos for beginners.
  • The neck of the cello is oiled, and the cello has Indian rosewood fittings, and the string height and spacing has been perfected to improve the sound quality of the cello.
  • The Cremona cello outfits are thoughtful and of high quality.


  • Most adult beginner sizes are 4/4, while the Cremona is 1/4.
  • The Cremona cello is quite expensive.
  • The cello, in its nature is a large instrument that can be a bit challenging to carry while moving around.
  • The bridge has to be fitted after shipping. This process might be a bit challenging for a beginner to undertake.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cello

If you are interested in owning a cello and starting a musical journey, the best beginner cello is out here for you. However, there are a few factors to look for before settling on the exact brand of cellos that you will take home. The size, sound quality, build quality, and accessories are a few things that we are going to look at in our buying guide to help you through the process of getting the best cello brand for you.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Cello

a) Cello Size

The person interested in learning how to play the cello could bed a grown-up or a child. It would be difficult for a small child to play the 4/4 cello size. Some brands have the same make across different sizes while others make the cellos in one size. Suppose you can go to a music store to physically try out the instrument, the better. However, if you can not, look for the most information on the one you are about to order online. The best cello for beginners will be 4/4 for adults and gradually to 1/4 for kids.

b) Stage of Playing

Today we reviewed cellos for beginners. However, you should be aware of what stage of playing you are on before buying a cello. A musical instrument is a direct investment in oneself and therefore needs to be done correctly. Different cellos will be listed in three categories; Beginner, intermediate and professional cellist. Be sure about the one you are getting.

c) Price

The figure on the price tag will determine whether you will take the cello home with you or not. The best beginner cellos are not in the same price range as professional cellos. The best cellos tend to have a higher price regardless of the player level. Cellos with a high price will almost always have better quality.

d) Build Quality

The cello's quality will influence many things, from the tone of the sound and comfort. The hands should wrap around comfortably when plating, and the cello should look beautiful as it was developed and popularized during a musically attractive period. A lacquer finish will almost always never go wrong. A good cello will always have highly reviewed accessories like the prelude strings, which have been recommended by many educators and players alike. They are mostly unaffected by temperature changes and humidity. Strings directly affect the tones that will come from the cello. A spruce top, maple sides, functional pegs, and a bow with quality strings will affect how your musical instrument will sound. Eventually, you spend more on cheaper instruments due to constant maintenance costs.

e) Type of Cello

The type and brand of cello for beginners both matter. People have a list of different items on their bucket lists. Other needs will determine how different the starter kits will look. Someone who wants to go for an electric cello will have a slightly different need from an acoustic cellist. There are many brands of cellos in the market. The best cello for you will never miss.

f) Customer Reviews

Whenever you shop for student cellos for beginners online, check out the reviews and read each carefully to buy the best cello that will suit your needs. For student cellos, look for teacher reviews or consult with your teacher first. For someone looking for the best cellos for beginners, scroll down credible online shopping sites and read people's comments. Make a list of all the requirements you will need to avoid ending up with a whole cello but without a tuner. When ordering online, make sure you have log-ins and password recovery secured not to lose your shipping. Save your email address log-in details somewhere safe.

How to Take Care of Your Cello

Once you get your most treasured cello, you need to take care of it to make sure the tones stay rich and the instrument serves you longer. For a beginner, this process is a bit confusing than for an intermediate cello player. The best cellos are those that were taken care of from the word go. Let us look at how we can take care of the best beginner cello you just got.

  • Always hold the bow by its frog whenever you take it out of the case. Apply rosin if need be. Too much rosin will make the bow sticky and vice versa.
  • When removing the cello from the case, hold it be careful not to bump the varnish on anything.
  • After a playing session, use a soft cloth to clean away the rosin from the strings and the cello's body for it to maintain its rich sound for a more extended period.
  • Store the cello in a case after use. Cellos are sensitive to humidity and temperature.
  • If you doubt your cello is spoiled, take it to a luthier.
  • Insure your cello because you spent a good amount of money on it, especially if it is a professional cello.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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