Best Guitar Strap for Maximum Comfort and Durability 

 June 29, 2021

By  Zen Chung

It is amazing what a slight discomfort can do to the human brain. The pinch in the shoe is never the whole shoe. As a guitarist, comfort will give you confidence and bring out the best in you. There is nothing worse than a strap that is on the verge of coming off while you are in the middle of a solo. Bass guitars or an electric guitar like a legit Gibson tend to be heavy. So let us take a look at the best guitar strap for maximum comfort to take you through the whole set confidently.


Best Guitar Straps

1. Ernie Ball Polypro Guitar Strap

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Ernie ball is the ultimate guitar strap that will become a huge part of who you are. A skilled person has tools that work best for them. As a guitarist, you will have your preferred accessories that define who you are. That favorite pedal on the board, the favorite guitar whose tone has aged gracefully, the favorite stage, and the favorite strap. If you will be performing with Joe Satriani at the back of your mind, then that guitar better buckle up. Ernie ball straps can adjust from 36 to 68 inches to accommodate different techniques. The length of the strap can let you do the different guitarist tricks and stances to remind you of your days in the high school rock band.

One challenge that is common among guitarists is losing a pick on stage. When the plectrum falls and you perform at night, you better have another or think of something else because that one is gone, never to be seen again. Performing will make your hands sweat, and that is the perfect condition for losing a guitar pick. Ernie Ball had this situation in mind. The strap has a pick-holder at the end of the strap to hold at least three picks. If you lose all three, check your pockets.

The guitar strap has leather ends for additional strength and durability. The leather end further gives the strap a classic finish that is presentable and professional. In addition, the strap end has a PolyLock to firmly hold the guitar in moments of pure craziness and shredding. The strap comes in eleven different colors, including the rainbow strap. Ernie Ball has the strongest, most reliable straps.


  • The strap has leather ends for additional strength.
  • The strap end has pick-holders in case you lose your plectrum during a performance.
  • The guitar strap comes in eleven different colors to choose from.
  • PolyLock strap locks to hold the guitar firmly in place during a performance or session.
  • The strap has an adjustable length of between 36 and 68 inches.
  • The strap is 2-inches wide with polypropylene webbing for maximum comfort.
  • The strap has colors that do not bleed, keeping the guitar presentable and neat.


  • The straps are meant for use on guitars with pegs as they do not have strings to tie around the guitar neck.

2. Levy’s Leathers Guitar Straps

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Playing some guitar parts needs precision. So unless you are planning to use John Petrucci’s signature stance on a stage monitor, you need a strong guitar strap that will not let you down when it counts. Levy’s have the best guitar straps that will last long, all the while staying functional. The guitar strap has been handcrafted with high-quality materials. The 3-inch wide strap is made of top-grain leather that has been carefully chosen by Levy’s. The Canadian company is keen on delivering straps that are unmatched for an electric or an acoustic guitar.

Levy’s guitar straps feature a memory foam that conforms to your shoulder, giving maximum comfort while on stage. The strap further features a ladder-style adjustment from 37 to 51 inches. The feed-through adjustments allow for an easier lengthening or shortening of the strap. The guitar straps are strong and can be used on bass guitars, which tend to be heavier than other guitars. Levy’s leather guitar strap is part of the classics series and is stylish while giving you the guarantee of lasting you a lifetime.


  • Usable on a bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar.
  • The top grain material leather strap can be adjusted to lengths between 37 to 51 inches.
  • Feed-through adjustments for quick lengthening and shortening.
  • The leather straps are handmade with care and precision, unlike other guitar straps.
  • The guitar strap features memory foam padding that increases the comfort through your sessions.
  • Best guitar strap for heavy guitars.
  • Levy’s Leathers have strong and durable leather ends.


  • Leather straps need more care and better storage than their fabric or cotton counterparts.
  • The guitar strap has no strings for use on guitars without strap pegs.

3. Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap

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Nothing screams class more than tweed fabric, and nothing is stronger either. Fender has been in the guitar game for many years now. They have made possibly everything that constitutes a sustainable guitarist ecosystem. If you need it, they have got it. Fender straps do not stain the great name. The guitar straps offer a vintage vibe with the classic embossed gold Fender “F” logo reinforced on the leather ends. The guitar strap can be adjusted to lengths ranging from 44 to 52.5 inches, fitting most backs. The guitar strap is 2-inches wide for a comfortable grip on your shoulder. Fender has the most lightweight guitar straps on the market, keeping your focus on the task at hand. The guitar strap has leather ends to add to the strength and ensure the guitar does not slip as you are in the middle of your set. The fender straps seamlessly offer both class and functionality. Add the strap to the classic and beautiful guitars that fender offer, you end up with a legendary combination.


  • The guitar strap is made of tweed, which is strong and durable.
  • Leather ends to hold the guitar firmly at the button without coming off, regardless of how vigorous the playing is.
  • 44 to 52.5 inches long.
  • The guitar strap has a classic design that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lightweight.


  • The model is not suitable for guitars without strap buttons.

4. Taylor Guitars Honey Suede Logo Guitar Strap

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Nothing offers a comfortable look than a suede surface. Taylor guitars are a well-known company worldwide and have come up with respectable guitars in the past. The guitar straps have been specially cut to fit a Taylor strap button. Taylor is best known for their quality approach to every single product that they offer. The guitar strap is strong and will last you a lifetime. The sued surface adds character to your guitar and looks like something you might want to strap over your shoulder.


  • The guitar straps are good looking with suede being a classy material.
  • Strong and durable.
  • The guitar strap has a string for use on guitars without the strap button.
  • Taylor is a well-known brand worldwide.
  • Specially cut holes to fit Taylor guitars.


  • Suede needs a lot of care and cleaning because the surface tends to collect stains and dirt more than other surfaces.

5. Art Tribute Embroidered Guitar Strap

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Guitarists are the most creative people you will meet around. They ooze good vibes and have solutions for most things in life, as do Art Tribute straps. The straps can work on all kinds of guitars, including electric, bass, and acoustic guitar. When you buy the guitar strap, your guitar does not need to have a button for the strap to function. Art Tributes are the best guitar straps to use on any guitar out there, as each strap is universally compatible. The guitar strap is fully adjustable from 37 inches to 64 inches. In addition, the guitar has accessories that a guitarist might need, including strap buttons. You can fit the strap buttons on your acoustic or classical guitar.

An embroidered material is a guarantee of elegance and strength put together. The Art Tribute guitar strap is strong and durable, with a beautiful design that makes you likable before you even lay down the solo. In addition, the guitar straps have a lifetime warranty that backs up the fact that Art Tribute has some of the best guitar straps you will find anywhere.


  • The guitar strap has a lifetime warranty.
  • One strap fits-all guitar strap.
  • Best guitar strap to use on a bass guitar because of its tensile properties.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Best guitar straps for any weather and storage condition.
  • Adjustable length between 37 and 64 inches.
  • Universal guitar strap for bass, electric guitars, and acoustic guitars of any kind or brand.
  • Good for a traveling guitar player because of easy maintenance.
  • The straps come with two bonus picks that are designed in true Art Tribute colors.
  • Strap lock for assured safety whenever you play the guitar.
  • Extra neck strap button for classical and acoustic guitars.
  • Best guitar strap for men, women, and children.


  • The cotton strap leather ends might not be real leather as Art Tribute straps are vegan.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Guitar Strap

a) Length

Guitar straps are like clothes; they need to fit. The best guitar straps will fit people of different age groups and sizes. A guitar strap that will fit a child and a grown-up at the same time is one to go for. A short guitar strap might lead to straining on the shoulder, as you might need to make adjustments now and then. Also, a short strap might make it difficult to play notes as naturally as you might be used to playing. Bass guitars are heavy-duty, and as long as the strap offers good space for adjustment, you can pick it for use on set.

b) Width

Most guitar straps range from 2 to 3 inches in width. The smaller the surface area, the more the pressure acting on your shoulder. The weight of the instrument will feel heavier if the strap is thin. A larger strap feels comfortable and holds the shoulder better by providing enough surface area for the strap to grip on the shoulder firmly.

c) Weight

Once you have a heavy-duty guitar like a bass guitar, you need a strap that increases the comfort and does not add to the total weight on your shoulders. The material of the guitar will influence the weight of the guitar. For example, a guitar strap made of nylon will not be as heavy as that made of leather. Guitarists need to feel comfortable when they are on stage playing, and a lightweight guitar will only add to the comfort.

d) Material

The material used to make a guitar strap will determine how heavy, durable and strong the strap is. Woven fabric is easily the strongest strap, offering strength ad durability as the fabric can withstand any form of weather condition and temperature. Fabric is easy to store and is not easily affected by moisture or wet conditions. Material like leather needs more attention and maintenance. Quality leather can withstand most elements but still needs attention to wear and tear. Quality leather offers the looks and comes off as professional and presentable. Depending on the animal whose leather was tanned, the straps are more expensive compared to cotton. A leather strap is great for genres like country music as they fit perfectly into the context. A nylon strap might prove to be lighter than other straps. The vintage tweed sure does look nice on a strap.

e) Shoulder Pad

Comfort is the most important thing for anyone on stage. Therefore, any price you will pay should cover comfort as the main feature when looking for a guitar strap. A shoulder pad made of neoprene will conform to your body structure, offering maximum comfort when playing.

f) Accessories

When you hop onto the stage to play your instrument, you need a few things to make the set easier to navigate. An adjustable strap is a mandatory thing to have. Ease of adjustment matters as well. You do not want to be struggling with the instrument strap in the middle of a set. The strap locks should have a quick-release mechanism. Quick-release is of great value and allows for easy transitions when on stage. The best guitar straps have you covered in every situation conceivable. A good quality strap should feature pick holders to have you covered when it counts the most. Check for reviews online before buying a guitar strap.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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