15 Best Kawai Digital Pianos Reviews 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

Kawais is one of the most recognized brands of pianos in the world. It’s well known for its incredible history in the music industry.

It’s been producing the best pianos since 1927, so it mixes years of experience, skills and high-quality in their products, and always features new technologies and materials to improve the performance level, tone and durability of the instruments.


What are the best Kawai Digital Pianos to buy?

Kawai designed the first digital piano with wooden keys. It featured a wood soundboard, built-in CD recorders and an incredible design that resembled the acoustic pianos, and since then has been improving the craftsmanship of the instrument.

Kawai digital pianos are best sellers and it’s de recommended brand. Their pianos combine art, technology and traditional craftsmanship in a wonderful piece. They are considered the best choice for modern musicians since these pianos come in different designs and materials, and are designed to deliver deep and soft notes and flat tones.

Moreover, they feature increased keystroke resistance, quick return , an easy to play design and solid construction.

Without anything more to say, let’s get started with the best Kawai pianos in the market.

Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano

The Kawai MP11 is a great piano with touch-sensitive keys, user-friendly operation and amazing audio, which makes it one of the best choices available in the market.

The sounds are categorized in three different sections including Piano, EPiano and Sub. Each section has separate volume fader, reverb controls, effects and voice categories with variation in tones, so each section can be adjusted and played independently.

The MP11 has the largest sample size and extended memory of sound. It features an improved organic tonal quality and enhanced clarity of notes, and an amp simulator to fatten the sound.

It also features five types of speaker cabinets, greater control over the volume levels and drive of an amplifier, and handy tone adjustment makes it a smart choice.

Specifications include 40 voices, harmonic imaging with 88 key sampling, a polyphony of 256 notes, customizable 129 effects and 6 reverbs, a USB recorder and a virtual technician that customizes all elements of the piano, and features four keyboard modes including upper split, lower split, zone and full keyboard.

Kawai MP6 Professional Stage Piano

This model is one of the best digital pianos in the world. It has a good sound selection and a reliable and solid action with enhanced playability and improved tonal qualities, and can also serve as a master keyboard.

The MP6 gives the mixing option to the pianist and is a great choice for recording. The USB enables the players to record WAV and MP3 audio files using any USB device.

The quick hammer action provides a realistic experience. This instrument has a very solid construction and is more durable and features 88 weighted keys, a responsive hammer action, 256 sounds, progressive harmonic imaging and 192 notes. Its dimensions are 13.8x 7.3 x53.5 inches and a weight of 47.4 pounds.

Kawai ES100 88-Key Digital Piano with Speakers

The ES100 provides a soft touch and features 88 keys, damper pedal of F10H piano style, 3 metal paddles, 19 sounds, power switch, a volume slider and a graded hammer action.

It also features imaging technology to adjust the tones for each note in different kinds of voiced, and includes 12 preset songs.

The ES100 allows you to play two voices simultaneously or enjoy playing them on the 2 halves of a keyboard, and it features an attractive outlook that makes it more amazing. On top of this, the damper pedal, headphone jacks and midi input and output ports are also available.

It comes with a metronome (built-in) that features many time signatures and adjustable tempos that improves the practice to manifolds.

Kawai VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller

This model is a masterpiece that features a great out-class keyboard action and is one of the best MIDI Controller available on the market with a RM3II keyboard with 88 wooden keys and an ivory touch. It includes a triple-sensor technology that makes it more responsive when the keys are repeatedly played.

The keys come with counterweights and grade-weighted hammers to provide enhanced easy of playability, and the adjustable curves for velocity help to manage the softs and louds.

The keyboard features a screen-less design with no knobs, menus and faders to keep the players focused and make the play more comfortable.

It can be connected to various devices using the USB port and 5-pin DIN midi in and out ports (they can be used at the same time). Its robust casing in matte black and wonderful wooden action combine to give a great acoustic piano experience.

Kawai ES110 88-Key Digital Piano with Speakers

This model offers superb sound quality, great ease, compact hammer action and 19 sounds, so it’s the perfect home piano with added lessons, split and dual modes and Bluetooth connectivity.

It also features 88 key sampling, stereo speaker system, 192 notes, damper pedal, MIDI ports, jacks, graded hammer action and 8 piano sounds.

Its unique spring-less design features consistent and smooth motion for a better experience. The graded action is designed to give you more control and stability while playing.

It also uses harmonic imaging technology and recreate the feel of traditional acoustic pianos, and as we mentioned above, it offers 19 sounds including vibes, organs, choir, and more, and you can easily record the performances in the internal memory.

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

The Kawai CE220 has a very simple interface that comprises a small LED display of three characters in the middle and many buttons to select tones, rhythm and voice. You will love this model because of its lovely feel of the acoustic grand piano and because of its beautiful and elegant design.

It also features a three pedal system (soft, sustain and sostenuto) and a half damper action. Moreover, it comes with a good selection of tones and voices and feature 88 keys, dual and split keyboard mode, virtual voicing, tuning several effects including reverbs, chorus, delay, 2 rotary functions and tremolo, and weighs only 126 pounds.

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

The Kawai KDP90 mixes the experience of playing acoustic pianos and a pleasurable feel. It’s perfect for those who are looking for great quality, increased functionality and efficient performance at a moderate price.

It features 88 key piano sampling, 15 instrument sounds, harmonic imaging, advanced hammer action and more. You can split the keyboard in two similar sections using the four hands mode, each with 44 notes which makes it perfect for learning lessons.

It features a three pedal system including a soft pedal on the left side, a sostenuto pedal in middle and a sustain pedal at the right. The damper resonance allows you to adjust and control the resonance to your preferred level.

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano- Black

Just like the previous model we have reviewed, the ES8 recreates the feel of an acoustic piano. It comes with a three-sensor technology that makes it extremely responsive and delivers a wonderful experience, and the virtual technician will help you to perform better by adjusting the setting and make the instrument more convenient to play.

It also offers 34 sounds of different instruments and a rhythm selection function for solo performers to adjust the backing accompaniment.

The USB connectors allow you to connect your ES8 to the computer and load and save data directly to USB memory devices. The additional features such as additional sounds, MIDI files of songs, upgraded sound chip, memory slots and graded hammer action make it the first choice for school bands and churches.

Kawai MP7 88- Key Piano and Master Controller

This wonderful model features a master keyboard for the MIDI rig, the admirable sound of a grand piano, ease to play, a responsive hammer II weighted action, 88-key piano sampling, harmonic imaging, expression pedal input, classic EP sounds with amp simulations, 9 reverbs,129 effects and USB recorder.

The virtual technician will help you to adjust and control all the elements virtually to provide a comfortable playing. This model also includes 256 voices arranged in 8 different groups. The USB port offers multiple connectivity options so you can connect the piano to your PC or MAC.

This stage piano provides enhanced control and class-leading action. The 129 effects are adjustable so you can create pitch as you need, which makes this a very versatile instrument.

Choosing the Best Kawai Digital Piano

Now that you have seen the main characteristics of the best pianos by Kawai, you can be sure that these instruments are matchless in terms of playability and quality, so we recommend you to keep both factors in mind when making your decision.

Some of these pianos are easier to play and others are some more complicated, so you should also be sure to buy the model that fits to your needs. If you aren’t looking for something complicated then you should buy the simpler versions, but if you have been playing for some time and want to try something different, you can go for the stage pianos and enjoy their professional performance.

Zen Chung

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