Best Piano Keyboard For Beginners 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

When one decides to learn to play the piano, they make their start to an incredibly rewarding journey that seeks to feed the soul with music. Being the best food to the soul, music is designed to be fully enjoyed, and therefore, one should have the best instruments to help in that regard. When learning to play the piano, the best thing is that the journey will not be a very hard one because there are well-designed pianos that seek to achieve one thing, making the learning experience an easy one.

In the quest for learning to play the piano, it is important to understand that with the right piano, everything else will flow. In this article, we will examine the most important factors to consider when looking for a good piano. To get a better grasp of pianos, it is crucial to understand that pianos come into three categories;


1 . Digital Keyboards

These happen to be the cheapest and yet, most versatile of all three types. Although the sound feel might not be as good as for the acoustic type, their keyboard is designed to work well as a first instrument.

2 . Digital Pianos

A digital piano is larger in size and, when it comes to price, more expensive. This piano type is ideal for the user who does not mind mimicking the feel of the acoustic piano for a relatively cheaper budget. As far as piano ownership is concerned, the digital piano is so far the most widely owned in the world.

3 . Acoustic Pianos

An acoustic piano is the real deal. This type provides optimum sound delivery but for a high price. The acoustic piano is in most cases, used by professional musicians and music lovers who do not shy away from spending huge amounts when buying.

Best Piano Keyboards That You Should Consider Buying

1 . Roland RD-2000

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This happens to be one of the most widely accepted digital pianos since a lot of performers use it in their line of work. It is well known when it comes to producing a superb quality sound that is well delivered through its uniquely crafted vintage features. It has perfect control over onboard parameters, virtual instruments as well as the DAW. It is perfectly expendable owing to the fact that it is able to integrate very well with other sound sources.

According to the manufacturing company Roland, this particular model happens to have the best keybed feeling yet since it has plastic and wood hybrid combination that is also accompanied by a good quality synthetic ivory feel. When it comes to the keys, they have a fantastic quick action ratio and are also not heavy, which is an ideal component for maximum delivery. It comes accompanied by two sound engines that are very efficient when it comes to delivering the more than 1100 sounds it has. The piano also has some analog effects that also deliver extremely well.


  • It is very versatile when used in a live performance
  • It has an extremely good feel
  • It has a zero-latency processor
  • It is designed to produce
  • V-Piano and Super-Natural sound engines


  • It is not very ideal for beginners

2 . Yamaha CP88

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The Yamaha CP88 has one of the best vintage sound effects that are well suited for any user who loves a good quality sound that is delivered through an authentic digital piano. Yamaha outdid itself by making this instrument that has a vintage sound that meets the modern musician's exact demands. Its keys are made to have a great feeling and are ideal for the musician who likes them not very heavy.

It is designed with natural wooden keys and also comes accompanied by a nice LED screen that indicates all the sound effects in play. Its seamless sound switching feature is very good because it lets the one playing cross over when still holding a note from a previous sound.


  • It is an amazing grand piano
  • It delivers very high-quality voices
  • It has realistic wooden keysIt has a very realistic virtual circuit modeling


  • Its vintage sound feature is not ideal for every user

3 . Casio PX-770

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This is one of the best digital pianos that can be bought for use at home. Its price is not high, which goes a really long way in justifying why it is liked by many beginners and still, very ideal to be used by professionals owing to its high-quality sound delivery.

Being respected for its high-quality musical products, Casio has also delivered its finesse on this particular digital piano. When in use, it feels solid and, at the same time, has a very realistic weight that does not overburden the fingers.


  • It has an attractive cabinet
  • It has a well functioning MIDI recorderIt has an AiR Sound Source
  • It has realistic hammer-action keys that are very friendly even for newbies to learn with
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It tends to produce high-quality piano tones when compared to other tones

4 . Nord Stage 3

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The Nord Stage 3 is trusted by a lot of professionals since it is well designed to qualify as a fantastic piece of equipment since it has well-weighted keys that respond very well to aftertouch. This digital piano delivers very good quality sound through its inbuilt speakers with not less than 400 presets that are designed to fit the different sound needs the musician might have.

A lot of professional musicians like it because it is surprisingly good when it comes to sound delivery since it provides a sound that is rich and deep. It also has a wide variety of gig effects that every musician can take advantage of. It also has a very confident look that others say is intimidating for the beginner since it has a variety of buttons in many different places. However, the best thing with the buttons is the fact that they are well defined to provide relative ease of use at all times.


  • It is known to provide very high-quality sounds
  • It has very good digital effects
  • It has a dedicated section for every sound effect
  • It has well-designed drawbars for easy organ tone controlling


  • It's expensive
  • It is not very to be used by beginners

5 . Korg Grandstage 88

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The Korg Grandstage 88 is the ultimate digital piano for the student or professional musician who is ready to explore music with a very realistic feel. Jazz and classical music enthusiasts have been able to make full use of this digital piano since it has not less than 500 presets that make sure that the musical delivery is optimum.

This piano is one of the best since it serves as a very good example of how a good stage piano should look and feel like. It has very good responsiveness that, when coupled with its very good sound engine, delivers an overall sound that is really exceptional. When it comes to sound layering and splitting, this digital piano happens to have the most amazing feature that allows it to achieve that without missing a note.


  • It has a very simple to use interface
  • It has a dedicated dynamics section
  • It churns gorgeous piano sounds


  • It is a bit pricey
  • It is best suited for a classical jazz player and not the other genres of music

Factors To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano Keyboard

1 . Price

This should be the first consideration that everyone who is looking for a keyboard piano should consider. A keyboard piano customer will be well guided on the exact piano to buy by the available budget. Since many digital pianos have different prices that go in serious tandem with different prices, the buyer should try to balance the needs with the budget at hand.

2 . Sound

However easy this may sound, it is crucial to be in a position to know the exact sound that the digital piano produces. For the perfect sound, digital pianos should have perfect built-in speakers that have the ability to churn the notes perfectly.

Digital pianos are designed for different musical needs and provide different sounds as explained in the reviews above. For instance, if you are a professional musician, you will probably look for the best piano that has weighted keys for the best sound quality.

3 . MIDI Connectivity

These days, MIDI has become part and parcel of quality music production and therefore, every pianist should look for a piano that has MIDI settings.

4 . Polyphony

This term refers to the number of notes that one can easily play at the same time without cutting some early. The ability of the musician to express themselves without producing a glitch should not be taken for granted.

5 . Keyboard

When on the lookout for the best grand piano to buy, it is crucial to take the keys into serious consideration since they play a very good role when it comes to the optimum delivery of quality sound. If looking for a perfect piano to play classical music, then one with semi-weighted keys is the best. On the other hand, if on the lookout for a piano for light sounds, then the best option would be one with weighted keys.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Piano

1 . How Much Room Is Needed For The Piano?

You will just need what is aesthetically pleasing to you and enough space to play. Typically, digital pianos tend to have almost similar lengths and widths, so it is not very hard to get a room for one in your space.

2 . What Features Should I Look For In A Digital Piano?

The features you need in a digital piano will be highly determined by the type of musician that you are. If you are a professional, you will, without a doubt, go for the best keyboard piano that has built-in speakers and every other amazing feature that will help you in your professional musical journey.

3 . Do I Need To Tune A Digital Piano?

No. Digital pianos do not need to be tuned.

4 . How Long Do Pianos Last?

A digital piano's longevity will, to a very big extent, be defined by the exact way it is taken care of. The more it is taken care of, the more it will last.

5 . What Does The Best Digital Pianos Warranty Cover?

Most manufacturers have warranties that cover different material defects, and in many instances, it is for a specified period of time that ranges from 5 to 15 years. If a piano breaks down at home, the repair does not need it to be shipped to the manufacturer since manufacturers have service agents.

6 . Can A Piano Be Put Next To The Fireplace?

It is not advisable since the heat from the fire can damage some instruments in the piano.


Whether an experienced pianist or just a beginner, getting a piano is a worthy investment since it adds more value to the love for music. Once this valuable piece of equipment arrives at home, it will illuminate the whole space with beautiful piano sounds that will not only light the home with love but provide the house with pure warmth that is a result of the playing experience.

With regular playing, the musician understands the piano technique to employ when seeking a particularly high-end sound and feel. So, anyone looking for the best electric piano has a wide range of options to choose from so as to get the best.

Ultimately, we can sum this article by saying that in as much as many may want to say that buying arranger keyboards from the wide range of varieties available is expensive, there is a lot of value for every coin spent since the grand piano sounds will stay in the souls of those who listen to them for a long time. 

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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