Best Violin Cases Buyer’s Guide 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

Anything close to your heart is worth protecting, especially your precious violin. Thankfully, numerous modern cases have been designed using the latest technology to give ultra protection to your violin. There are companies such as Bam that go above and beyond to research and find innovative ways to produce violin cases that offer optimal protection to your instrument.


High-Quality Violin Cases

It's important to note that the higher the quality of the violin cases, the deeper you'll need to dig into your pocket. If you are a professional violinist who travels a lot, investing in a high-quality, durable violin case is a great idea. The last thing you want is your amazing instrument getting damaged right before a major performance.

Our passion for great music cannot allow this to happen. That's why we've rounded up the best violin cases that we believe would be great for you. At the end of the article, we'll look at a buyer's guide to choosing a good violin for yourself.

Best Violin Cases For You

First, let's look at the 5 best violin cases we've curated just for you.

1. Bam France 2002XL Contoured - Our Top Pick

Bam France 2002XL Contoured Hightech Tweed-Look 4/4 Violin Case
  • For 4/4 Violin
  • Tweed-Look Exterior Finish - 3 Layer Construction: AIREX, ABS and PVC for...
  • Instrument Suspension - Black Plush Interior - Foam Instrument Suspension...
  • An airtight seal makes this case extremely shock and pressure resistant for the...
  • Bam France cello cases are the highest quality violin cases available at any...

When it comes to Bam violin cases, it's all about value for your money. They may be on the higher end of the cost spectrum, but you can be sure that you will be getting more value for your money compared to their competitors in the same price range. This list would not be complete without a Bam recommendation. If you are a traveling violinist who values their professionalism, and you want to protect your violin, it might be worth it to invest in this Bam France 2002XL violin case.

This violin case offers great protection to your violin, has a design that is incredibly thought out, and suits the needs of even the most sophisticated violinists. Your violin will be safely suspended in the black plush interior where you can also put up to two bow holders. This contour shaped violin case is the perfect combination of protective, high-quality, and durable.

When we talk about protective, we mean completely shockproof. Its airtight feature maintains the pressure inside the case making it shockproof. Also, its exterior screams protection with its triple-layer technique combining the shells of AIREX, ABS, and PVC. To say the least, your violin is guaranteed protection in this light and ultraprotective case.


  • Triple-layered exterior
  • Airtight
  • First-rate protection
  • Very high-quality


  • Not budget-friendly

2. Tonareli Violin Oblong Fiberglass Case

Tonareli Violin Oblong Fiberglass Case- Checkered Special Edition VNFO 1007...
  • Beautiful limited edition carbon-look finish
  • Instrument blanket, backpack straps, two leather handles
  • Only 5.6 lbs. (2.54 kg)
  • 4/4 Size, removable accessory compartment
  • Compatible with Tonareli attachable music bag (sold separately)

This best violin case provides your instrument with a sturdy fiberglass option. We're not talking about the cheaper fiberglass types, this violin case offers next-level suspension that keeps your instrument secure within its walls. The best thing about fiberglass is its durable and lightweight nature.

The Tonareli violin case has a multi-layered exterior that is sleekly stylish and forms a tight seal when it's closed. This seal makes this violin case weather resistant and able to maintain the temperature inside offering long-term protection to your wooden instrument. This in turn will translate to a longer life span of your violin. Also, the interior comes with enough space for a spare bow and a removable storage section.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • True suspension case

3. Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case

Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case, Black
  • Soft non-abrasive interior lining, suspension padding, and interior accessory...
  • Neck secure strap provides stability, 2 bow clips, and soft violin blanket
  • Lightweight shock absorbing foam frame, tough 600D nylon exterior, large...
  • Dual-corded handle design with padded handle wrap, adjustable shoulder strap,...
  • Long lasting custom molded zippers and durable molded rubber feet

Coming in third in this best violin case list is the budget-friendly Protec MX044 4/4 soft case. Not only does it offer protection to your violin, but it has 2 interior compartments that you can use to store some accessories. Your violin will be kept safe as the interior is lined with soft non-abrasive lining, suspension padding, and comes with a soft violin blanket.

Also, a tough 600D nylon exterior and lightweight shock-absorbing foam frame provide extra protection to your violin. If you use the subway and are worried about the wisdom of carrying your violin, the convenient subway handle was made just for you. Also, dual-corded handle design and padded handle wrap make this case convenient and comfortable to carry around.

With this violin case, you don't have to worry about the zipper spoiling or easy ripping. The custom-molded zippers are long-lasting and created with the knowledge that the safety of your instrument comes first. The durable molded rubber feet mean that you can comfortably keep the case in an upright position.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Good cushioned interior
  • Adequate storage

4. ADM 4/4 Full-Size Violin Hard Case

ADM 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case Basic Professional Triangular Shape...
  • 【ULTRA-LIGHT】 The outer cover farbric is lightweight waterproof Nylon Oxford...
  • 【AMPLE STORAGE】 Comes with two bow holders, full-length sheet music pocket...
  • 【EASY TO CARRY】 Strong and comfortable plastic handle, not easy to fall off,...
  • 【ALL-AROUND PROTECTION】 Suspension cushions that keep the violin centered or...
  • 【VIOLIN'S BEST FRIEND】 Excellent quality and reasonable price. Perfect for...

We understand that you may not be in a position to dig deep into your pockets to get the Bam violin case. Luckily, this pear-shaped violin case is still perfect if you are on a tight budget but still want a lightweight, suspension violin case that you can easily use on the go.

Its exterior is waterproof thanks to the Oxford raincoat nylon that it's covered in. On the other hand, the interior is made of blue velour suspension cushions that keep your precious violin centered and safely suspended. This best violin case also comes with a blanket that you can place on top of your instrument to ensure that it's not disturbed at all.

The fact that it weighs approximately 2.6lbs means that you can easily move with it from location to location without much struggle. The sturdy handle and adjustable straps also complement its easy portability.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Waterproof
  • Ample space
  • Lightweight
  • Great for children

5. Baker Street BK-4020 Luxury Violin Case

Baker Street BK-4020 Luxury Violin Case - Oblong
  • Oblong shaped sturdy plywood shell for superior lightweight strength
  • Two-tone, padded velour-like interior with full suspension feature,...
  • Luggage grade nylon zipper, under handle latch with key, and detachable,...
  • Roomy interior accessory compartments with hygrometer, thermometer, clear string...
  • To learn more, please see our Product Description below

Built-in hygrometer and thermometer to give you a visual of what's going on inside.

If you're a Sherlock Holmes fan you're going to love this unique case that looks like it came right out of Baker Street. This violin case is a classic Baker Street product with its soft case that is easy to carry around. With this case, you are sure that your violin is protected in style. Its oblong-shaped sturdy plywood shell gives this case its reputable strength while still being lightweight.

The interior space is well-designed and you might love the padded velour-like interior with suede-like accents. Your violin will be well cushioned in this padded interior. Also, this magnificent case comes with an elegant silk draw-string bag that you can put your violin in for extra security and padding.

When you're carrying around your most precious possession you can't be too sure or careful. So, you may find yourself wondering if you zipped your case correctly. Well, Baker Street anticipated that this might happen and provided lockable latched for extra security. The leatherette handle and removable straps have been carefully sawn into the case for your comfort and peace of mind.


  • Built-in hygrometer & thermometer
  • Lockable
  • Adjustable & Removable straps
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy wooden exterior


  • The biggest compartment may be tight for shoulder rest.

Now that we're done looking at the best violin cases, let's dive into what you should consider when choosing a great violin case for your magnificent instrument.

How do I Choose the Best Violin Case?

This is a great question. In this section, we're going to look at some of the factors you should consider when deciding on the best violin case.

1. Perfect Fit

Of course, the first thing is to look for is a case that fits your violin. The structure of violin cases is such that you can't squeeze your violin in as you do your feet into your favorite pair of shoes. You have to get a case that fits perfectly. Try not to be swayed by sales or "great deals" that will make you get a full-size (4/4) case when you have a ¾ size violin.

Why is this important? Because even the slightest movement of your instrument in the violin case will make it susceptible to damage. Therefore, to ensure that your violin is safely cushioned in the case no matter your movement, kindly make sure that you choose the right sized case.

2. Hard Exterior

You will notice that all the violin cases we've mentioned above are made of hard and solid material. The most popular materials that are used to make the hard exterior of violin cases include wood, compacted foam, and carbon fiber. You'll find that wood is the heaviest to carry while carbon fiber is a lightweight material.

Tonareli Violin Oblong Fiberglass Case and Protec MX044 4/4 are lightweight and easy to carry around but still keep your violin safe and sound.

3. Interior Padding

We've talked about the outside, now let's look at the inside. The interior of a good violin case should mold into the shape of your violin. Remember when we mentioned that you have to choose a case that is the right fit for your violin? This is why.

You should ensure that the interior features a padded "French" or "Semi-French" fit. This means that should there be an accidental drop, an impact, or even a collision, the interior contours will provide proper cushioning for your violin.

4. Extra Compartments and Bow Placement

You'll notice that all of the violin cases above have room for a bow. When choosing a violin case, ensure that you can fit your bow in such a way that it doesn't touch your violin once you close the case. If the case has an extra compartment, this too should be secured such that its contents don't come into contact with your violin.

You can use the extra compartment to hold your wiping cloth, pencil, and rosin. Just ensure that they are safely packed and will not fall onto your violin while in the case.

5. Hygrometers and Thermometers

We saw that our top pick, the Bam France 2002XL Contoured, has a hygrometer and thermometer that checks for humidity and temperature within your case. Why is this important? Well, your violin is made of organic materials including wood. Therefore, extreme conditions such as too damp or too dry can affect your instrument.

The meters allow you to monitor changes to prevent excessive contraction or expansion and the development of hairline cracks. If you get any of the other violin cases on our list that doesn't have a preinstalled hygrometer or thermometer, you can install them separately. Please note that these two should not come into contact with your violin or its bow while the violin case is closed.

6. Nature of your travels

Last but certainly not least we have the reason why you are buying the violin case, to begin with. How will you be traveling with your violin case? The answer to this question will determine what kind of case you need. Factors such as how robust it will be, if it will be weatherproofed, and its weight are will come into play here.

If you are just traveling to school and back, you can get a simple violin case such as the ADM 4/4 Full-Size Violin Hard Case. However, if you are a professional violinist and you fly a lot, you may want to invest in a high-quality and durable case such as the Bam France 2002XL Contoured or the Tonareli Violin Oblong Fiberglass Case.


Let's recap a bit.

The five best violin cases include:

  1. Bam France 2002XL Contoured - our top pick suitable for professional violinists who want a durable violin case
  2. Tonareli Violin Oblong Fiberglass Case - budget friendly with a fiberglass case
  3. Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case - budget-friendly and lightweight
  4. ADM 4/4 Full-Size Violin Hard Case - budget-friendly and waterproof
  5. Baker Street BK-4020 Luxury Violin Case - budget friendly with a sturdy wooden exterior

Remember, that the more durable and high quality the violin case, the more expensive it is likely to be. Nonetheless, if you use your instrument more frequently and travel a lot, investing in a great violin case like our top pick may be a great way to go.

The other budget-friendly options on this list are also great, especially where you are not so demanding of your violin. Let us know which violin case you love the most and why you've chosen it. May your beautiful violin melodies never stop.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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