20 Best Yamaha Digital Piano Reviews 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

Yamaha is a highly recognized internationally recognized brand in the music industry. Its products are of reference to the competition, and no other brand has reached such a high level of prestige. Yamaha’s strong point is its electronic pianos that have a highly realistic touch sensitivity, very similar to classical acoustic pianos, with a realistic and unmatched sound and modern digital and interface features that fascinate the Users.

However, every day there seem to be more brands and manufacturers of musical instruments on the market, and this makes competition in the industry very close. The user will wonder, among many options, which instrument can choose. Below is our selection of Yamaha’s best digital pianos.

It’s no secret to anyone that Yamaha is really a favorite brand for music enthusiasts. Its buyers range from students and amateurs to the most professional and expert. Yamaha has to offer to all kinds of users. And Yamaha not only stands out in the quality of its instruments, but also launches products to market with fairly affordable prices for consumers, compared to other less prestigious brands. So if you are looking for a piano that is not very expensive, you can also get it within the range of products that this company offers.

Although Yamaha offers products at low prices, their instruments are made of excellent quality that guarantee you a duration of many years. It is not like other companies that offer you cheap products of terrible quality that are damaged in a short time and represent, in the long term, a lousy investment. If we make a fair comparison, it will be noted that the durability and quality that Yamaha products offer is much higher than the other brands. From the aesthetics they represent to the materials with which they are made. Not to mention its impeccable sound that delights the hatreds of even the most experienced. A generic piano will sound like a toy next to a Yamaha.

To determine the characteristics that set the quality of a piano we have to take into account the reaction of the keys and the quality of the sound. In our experience, most of Yamaha’s pianos perfectly meet these requirements. They feature the most realistic sound you can get on a digital keyboard, and the feel and response of the keys with the closest thing to a large classic acoustic piano that you can get on a digital keyboard. Once you have the Yamaha experience the other keyboards will seem to you to be a lie.

Yamaha keyboards are made of excellent quality, not only in their construction, but in the materials and techniques used to manufacture them. When you see it you will know that it is a piano that will last you for years and will continue to give you the same experience. This, unlike many other digital keyboards on the market that is seen with the naked eye its poor manufacturing and poor finishing.

Another thing that enchants users of Yamaha digital keyboards is the large number of different features that these products offer, such as the ability that gives the user to connect various auxiliary external devices, play discreetly connecting a pair of hearing aids getting the same high sound quality, and the different aids and tutorials that these models bring to help the user in their learning process. They really are overly attractive products.


Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

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The Yamaha Arius is the art of the YDP series, which is the best-selling of the Yamaha brand, and for a multitude of reasons. This keyboard features 88 realistic weight keys with Yamaha Graded Hammer Effects feature technology which is the secret by which the user gets the experience of playing a great acoustic piano.

What makes this digital piano so faithfully wield the actual sound of an acoustic piano is the 18-note polyphony. This feature provides the sound that professionals look for when they play, to give their audience an amazing music experience. That said, it’s the piano of choice for the most professional and advanced musicians.

What’s more, the Arius YDP-181 comes with a power-off pedal that let slams out the piano for greater improvement control. The keys have three levels of sensitivity,to produce a more realistic andimpressive sound with your signature touch, the levels are low, medium and high. Finally, you have pre-recorded songs that you can play with to learn and adapt to the music, with a recording function so you can always play again when you play and listen to your progress.

Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

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This is another of Yamaha’smost oderso and impeccable pianos. The YPG-235 comes with 76 keys and many other amazing features ideal for apprentices, enthusiasts and taught artists of the art of playing the piano at all levels.

Like most Yamaha pianos, this model also comes with Graded Soft Touch Key Style technology that gives you that sound to list and style so characteristic of the brand. This piano is very light, weighing only about 18 pounds. In addition, it is quite portable and you can take it wherever you want like a professional musician.

This is a piano specially designed for apprentices who need a portable piano to attend their classes and practice always where and when they need. The YPG-235 comes with 160 styledefaults,as well as500 voices and up to 30 songs to accompany when you play.Comes with a tape recorderbuilt-inthat will allow you to keep track of how many times you play and how far you’re moving forward as a musician.

This model brings the special Yamaha Education Suite feature consisting of a series of advanced tools that will help you move faster in your learning. With the USB port you can connectand play your favorite songs to play at the sametime on devices like laptops and large sound equipment. The bad news is that it doesn’t have built-in power adapter or AA batteries you need.

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Premium with Matching Stand

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The DGX-660 is a professional model. This digital piano features 88 keys that feature realistic weight GHS technology. According to users, this is the best keyboard to give great concerts and is widely used by professionals. The DGX-660 brings an option that allows the user to control the different acoustic options and sound effects to get a more personalized and atmospheric finish depending on the artist’s tastes, this feature is called Piano Room.

The DGX-660 also features the highly acclaimed Yamaha Pure CF Engine that with professional voice technology allows the player to make the most of their skills. GHS technology on the keyboard allows you to get a touch more by weighing on the lower part and a lighter touch on the top of the 88 keys. This feature tries to emulate the hammer of acoustic pianos.

The Score Display feature allows you to view and play alongside your favorite songs while watching MIDI song notation on the screen. With the built-in recorder you can record up to 6 songs allowing you to track your experience and how you are advanced with your pianist skills.

Yamaha P35B Series 88-Key Digital Piano Black

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Yamaha’s P-series has been quite popular with users looking for a mid-range keyboards. The P35 has 88 keys with the same GHS technologyemulating the touch experience of a classical piano. It is an affordable mid-range keyboard highly sought after on the market.

Like most Yamaha models, this keyboard also includes Advanced Wave Memory Sampling technology that will allow you to get a realistic acoustic sound with a feel deep atmospheric, created with meticulously crafted recordings using various microphones to more realistically capture the essence of the instrument.

It has 10 demo voices so you can play and have creative fun however you want. You have the sounds of 2 harpsichords,2 acoustic grand piano and abráphone vi, as well as 10 complete songs.It has a very good construction that guarantees its durability andWith the 4 levels of key response sensitivity you will produce a more personalized and impressive sound.

Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

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Like Yamaha’s otherP-series models, this digital keyboard also features an elegant and professional design that will allow you to brag about it, and that will look great for the audience when you go to a concert. The public will know that whoever’s playing is a real pro. This model combines the featuresP45 with thelookP115. It also comes with 88 keys with GHS technology as well as Pure CF Sound Engine technology. Unlike the previous keyboard, the P35, this keyboard is considered for professionals and experienced players playing the piano, and not so much for intermediates.

Although it has numerous features, the design is quite simple and elegant. Elo public won’t notice all the things you can do behindsuch a great design. This digital keyboard boasts an incredible numberof 256 polyphonynotes,this feature being the most noteworthy of the other models of the P series. You can say that of all these, this is the keyboard of the best sound and experience to the ear. The P255 also comes with a pretty interesting 24-choice voice pack. It should be noted that the other models bring fewer voices. Last but notleast,another cool feature that you could already get on the other models and that this one also brings, is the Sample Memory Key from Yamaha that It provides a more accurate and advanced emulation of the sound of a true acousticpiano, which really feels when youdrop your fingers on the keys. The two built-in speakers are of great quality and will allow you to appreciate in detail the incredible sound of this digital piano.

Yamaha YDP163R 88 Weighted Keys Digital Piano

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The YDP1663R is thepiano that, no matter what you can expect from the best of pianos, will exceed all those expectations by far. This is a lightweight and compactmodel,very suitable for beginners and apprentices. According to what we have been able to appreciate, its sound is much superior to the other models of the same price that can be obtained in the market.

The Pre CF Sampling es an amazing feature that combines the genius of Graded Hammer Standard Action technology and the weight of the keys with an excellent resonance effect and environment that will allow you to get that acabadorprofessionalend.This instrument is very configurable and adaptable to the user’s personality.You can browse their settings and features using their app controller for iOS. Using the app is much easier and more convenient than using the LED display interface, although this one is also very good.

The YDP163R is a digital piano that will advance as the user advances in their learning, helping them step by step in each level. With this digital keyboard, as with many of the other Yamahas, you can record up to two songsand reproduce them,check your progressAndimprove in the areas where you are failing.Bring the astonishing number of 50 classic piano songs so you can learnor accompany, along with 50 other songs from the musical book. You won’t need anything for you to learn to play the piano, and progress to become a music expert.

Yamaha DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano Pack with Stand, Power Supply and Headphone

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Compared toother Yamaha’s high-quality models, this turns out to be the most economical. It is very attractive to consumers,especially for the studentwho is more advanced than therest, and needsmorekeys.Definitely, looking at the price, this is the best option. It is precisely the digital keyboard that music teachers recommend to their apprentices to enter the professional environment.

This piano is designed with 76 keys that feature all the cool features of the Yamaha brand, such as the Graded Soft Touch (GST) Action that provide different levels of touch and weight, being the right one for the students become accustomed to the feeling of a true acoustic piano. The DGX230 comes with a special built-in feature called Full Keyboard Move that allows you to play the entire digital keyboard like a piano.

With the purchase of this digital keyboard, a lesson pack is included on a CD ROM that will help you improve playing better, along with the already built-in Yamaha Educaction Suite feature. Like other Yamaha keyboards, you can record playing, up to 6 songs,hear how you’re moving forward. It also brings 30 pre-recorded songs so you can learn and play at the sametime,and 70 more are included on the additional CD ROM. You can connect via USB with your laptop or other devices.

Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano with Stand and Power Adapter

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This is another digital piano thatlike most Yamahas, it has excellent features and attributes. What could tell it apart is that the amount of features it brings are perfectly configured on a fairly compact digital keyboard and very eye-catching design. It’s pretty inexpensive for everything it comes with, and comes with an excellent display so you can see all the settings and features in a comfortable and elegant way.

It boasts 361 XGLite voices with 127 voices accessible on the panel. The user will be able to produce a unique and unmatched sound with this digital keyboard, leaving a touch of his personal touch that will make him highlight when playing. Each of the things that the DGX230 offers are made for the most demanding professionals who want to get everything out of their instrument.

Unsurprisingly, the DGX230 also comes with Graded Soft Touch technology that, when you play the keys softly, plays a more delicate tone, and when you play the loud key, it plays a louder, louder sound. USB connectivity is an excellent feature, and so is Performance Assistant Technology.

And finally, so you don’t stop continuing your learning, you also have the popular Yamaha Education Suite.

Yamaha P45 88-Weighted Digital Piano

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The P45 is another gran model of Yamaha’s P-series.It also comes with the excellent feature Graded Hammer Action which is already quite famous of the company. This keyboard makes it quite difficult for the competition. The keys of this digital piano feel absolutelyrealistic,with great response and sensitivity. The P45 comes with a total of 88 keys.

Other great features of this digital keyboard include Advanced Wave Memory technology, like most Yamaha digital pianos. Functionality stereo it represents a better sound of greater fidelity to the effect of a real acoustic piano, with all the details that the ear can perceive.

This is the type of Yamaha models designed to be lightweight and compact for greater portability. It weighs less than 70 pounds, so you won’t have any trouble taking it everywhere with you and start playing. This compact keyboard is full of innovative features and features you’ll love.It has a dual-mode function that allows you to play the keyboard in two different styles at once. Bring other effects to give you more personality of your sound, such as reverb and four key response levels.SácalesBenefit all your skills with this amazing digital keyboard.Plus, it’s very simple, and you can start playing as soon as you take it out of the box.

Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Black

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Another excellent model of lto P series is the Yamaha P115 digital keyboard. Like most Yamaha keyboards, it also features the great Grand Hammer Standard functionality that gives you the answer and feel of a real acoustic piano. For more accurate sounds it features the best and most powerful sound engine, the CF Sound Engine. You will have the most expressive and best quality sound.

This model is somewhat more expensive than the P45 and other P-series models, but this is due to the notoriously improved sound due to the incredible sound engine that the other P-series pianos do not have.This model gives you an experiencepiano of another full level.

Finally, you can use and control the features of the P115 from the comfort of your iOS device with the controller app, with a better and friendlier user interface. Set up and access your digital piano easier. With the purchase of this digital keyboard you also have a great sustain pedal which makes it even more attractive. Pianist Style mode lets you make the audience believe that you’re playing when it’s actually the piano playing alone.

Yamaha P-71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

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With high-end acoustic piano voices backed with amazing quality sound and good resonance, Yamaha surpassed itself. Yamaha holds the quality of the keys in a way no other brand has ever done, with the amazing technology of Yamaha’s entry level Graded Hammer Standard. It brings realistic weighted 88 action keys that will make you feel like you’re playing a real grand piano.

If you’re looking for everything you need to start learning and playing, this keyboard it’s the perfect provider. The Yamaha P71 it’s the predestinate purchase for the beginners, and who knows, maybe a music career is waiting for you.

The action and response in the weighted action keyboard is one of the most the most noticeable features of the Yamaha P71 when you first start using it. Your fingers won’t get pull too quickly or hurt and you will have most efficient control over the touch and sound of the keyboard. But more that surprising, this realistic feeling feature will make you experience the delight on playing the piano.

The Dual Mode functionality will allow you to record your creative work on the P71, which you can use to play along your own music or to play as a duet. You will get multiple voice to choose from the Yamaha’s award-winning grand pianos. You can switch between keyboard sounds with its easy to use interface.

The most natural and realistic sounds are provided by the sampling of the most valued acoustic pianos of Yamaha. In the P71 you can see that Yamaha put an enormous effort on the sound. You can feel the difference of lows and high tones when playing from left to right. You have a wide variety of option for your playing with the stock of 10 different piano voices this keyboard comes with.

This is a piano for those who want to use their instrument as a accompaniment of their music workstation. You can connect your keyboard P71 through a USB port to a computer and use it as a MIDI device. You can just plug in, hit the record and start playing that tune you have in mind before it gets forgotten.

Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

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This is a simple keyboard, ideal to simply practice or have fun with friends.The PSRE253 has only 61 keys, which with the same quality feature Yamaha are ideal to start from scratch to learn and practice.

The PSRE254 features a feature that some other Yamaha digital keyboards feature, which is that you can split the piano in half and play in different styles in each half, this is ideal for playing with your teacher or a practice partner.

If you’re not comfortable with the quality of the built-in speakers, you can use auxiliary connectivity to play with your hearing aids or external sound equipment.

This is a fairly average piano that provides a good experience. It has a button that allows you to reset the original sound settings. It has 23 polyphony notes and works with both batteries and a power adapter.

Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard

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If you’re looking for a keyboard with high sensitivity and key response, the PSRE353 is your best choice. This feature on this keyboard is so good that there is no comparison with what else on the market. Its keys are the most realistic and fast-responsive you can find, making it an excellent choice for students and apprentices looking to adapt to the techniques to play a real piano and improve in their career.

If you touch a piece delicately, it will produce a softer and lower tone, and if you press the louder key, you will get a louder, more vivid sound. A unique feature offered by the PSRE353 is the “Melody Suppressor” which basically consists and moving the melody of the audio from the songs of other devices that are connected to the intuitive AUX Jack. What it does is it lowers the volume so that more is heard what you’re playing. In this AUX port you can connect all kinds of devices, from MP3 to laptops and mixers. Finally this keyboard features the Yamaha Education Suite, specially designed to help the student with their lessons and improve their technique. You can use the MIDI connector to play on your computer.

Yamaha NP32 76-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard

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This keyboard features Graded Soft Technology or GST like a few other models on Yamaha’s product list. The Yamaha NP32 GST keyboard is a keyboard that retains a simple and soft style when it comes to playing, it is very comfortable for its users who have given it very positive feedback.

With the NP32 you can recreate a stereo sound with great realism since it has included Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling technology. As with other good quality Yamaha keyboards, you can control it using the iOS app and navigate through all its features. It is also very easy to set up using this particularity.

You also have an additional 64-note polyphony, a longer battery life and a recorder that allows you to record for much longer.

Yamaha LP7A 3-Pedal Unit for DGX 660 White

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The DGX660 is the best of all pianos when it comes to versatility and ease of use. You can play quietly while watching the notation on the MIDI file screen. In addition, you can download MIDI files from The Yamaha MusicSoft so you can use it on your keyboard. To finish complementing all these amazing features and functions, you need to use the Yamaha LP7A pedal.

Using a pedal when playing will allow you more control and comfort to get the result you want, more personalized to your liking. Using the LP7A pedal will help effectively stabilize your DGX660 keyboard, to make it firmer. Installing this pedal is extremely simple, and you’ll get an instruction manual that will tell you how to do it easily. IN very little time you will be playing your digital keyboard as if it were an acoustic one.

This pedal has a rather elegant and attractive design, to complement how well the DGX660 looks. Improve your musical capabilities and make the most of your Yamaha digital piano. Generate more expressive sounds according to your personality with the LP7A pedal.


The Yamaha brand is known worldwide for its incredible digital pianos. It is the preferred brand of all music enthusiasts at all levels, from apprentices to teachers and professionals. And they produce not only digital pianos, but a wide variety of instruments of excellent quality, unbeatable prices and with great features. There is no other company that can offer real competition to the big Yamaha when it comes to digital piano.

Keep in mind that your needs will be very different from those of a professional if you are just starting out as a musician. You’ll need more basic units with features that fit your true needs to learn better. But this is not a problem, as Yamaha offers a very wide range of products adapted for all users with all levels of experience. In addition, whatever Yamaha product you buy, it will still be a great long-term investment.

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