Casio CTK-3500 Review

If you are looking for the easiest and most fun way to learn how to play the piano, Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard is your best choice. Don’t worry about getting frustrated halfway while you learn, you’ll pretend incredibly without realizing it. It has the Chordana Play application that helps you in your learning to make it more fun and didactic, by using it on your Tablet or Smartphone you can practice wherever you go, creating your own songs or using your own favorite music.

The Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard is full of amazing features and built-in rhythms, it’s really a keyboard accessible for all ages. It comes with its respective power supply.

The Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard is specifically designed to be that first student or family keyboard. The lot of features it brings make it very interesting and easy to use, beginners will really love it. They will discover that learning to play is fun and exciting. It has included a lot of voices and rhythms of built-in instruments to accompany you in your touches, and touch-sensitive keys increase the volume depending on how hard you play the key achieving a much more realistic expression.

On top of that, you can load various MIDI songs into the piano’s built-in memory with the Chordana Play app to accompany you when you play for great results. The keyboard will even show you musical notation of your songs so you can read the music while you play.

The Casio brand is world-renowned for the good quality and durability of its keyboards, for being easy to use and essential for musicians. A true keyboardist is incomplete without a good Casio keyboard. In addition, they are much cheaper than their competitors which gives them a great advantage. They are preferred by piano teachers so that their students learn correctly, in a real and easy way, and that provides the student with all the notions of playing a true classical piano using at the same time all the modern technologies available Currently. Thus, the student is left with a true musical education.

The Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard comes with a power supply, although it also works with batteries. You can use it for a good while without having to have it plugged into an outlet. This product also features Casio’sbuilt-in Setp-Up piano lesson system, which in turn is compatible with the Chordana Play app.

Overview of casio CTK-3500 portable keyboard features of 61 touch keys


The Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard has all the things that apprentices and students need to improve their skill by playing a digital keyboard, both composing their own songs and practicing to the rhythm of their songs Favorite.


This piano has 61 keys. It’s small and very light, but powerful. The battery power supply allows you to carry and play wherever you want. You’ll need 6 AA batteries.

Touch-sensitive keys

You’ll achieve greater expression as sensitive keys allow sound to respond accurately to the force of your touch.


A built-in metronome, transposition and tuning, and a pitch curvature wheel for advanced synth tone effects, are the features and functions you’ll expect from the Casio CTK-3500.

Dance Music Mode

Drums, bass, synthesizer and other effects are some of the things that come included with the 50 different styles of music that you can use on the Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard. With this even the most beginners will be able to start the party by creating their own melodies and styles in a matter of minutes. To generate dance music use Dance Music Mode.


The Lcd screen of the Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard makes it easy for you to grow and adjust your keyboard, including access tobuilt-in lesson modules.


The sound of the Casio CTK-3500 is easy to customize to play anything you like, as it features 400 instrument voices and 100 built-in rhythms. You can create a complex, overlapping sound with more nuanced compositions as you have 48 levels of polyphony, plus 10 levels of reverb and a pass curvature wheel.

Step-Up Lesson System

Using the 60 songs built hand-in-hand and phrase-by-phrase, beginners will be able to guide themselves through classes, learning and practicing at their own pace. These lessons can bevisualize inthe built-in LCD display in Casio’s Set-Up system.

Chordana Play App

Combine the practice of tocar while learning from music with the 50 built-in songs provided by Chordana Play. This app is free and comes with the Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard. Guide beginners through playback along with a piano roll screen or music notation screen, making it an excellent companion for your keyboard.

You can also choose any song from your library and convert it to a MIDI file using the Chordana Play app. You can play the music immediately or store it in the internal memory of your Casio CTK-3500 piano for offline playback. Use the replay function to learn at your own pace, alter the tempo or transpose a melody, assign tracks or melodies for each side of the keyboard.

The Virtual Keyboard of the Chordana Play app lets you play and practice with your Tablet or Smartphone anywhere. You can track your progress and improve your score by making your learning much more didactic and interactive.

Advantages and cons of the Casio CTK-3500


  • Touch-sensitive 61-key keyboard that emulates the feel of a full-size real classic piano
  • 2 levels of touch sensitivity for keys, and off works as a synthesizer
  • It has a weight of just 7.5 pounds that provides portability and easy to store
  • Ease of ability to decide between using the power adapter or using the batteries to power the keyboard
  • Battery operation makes it convenient to use anywhere you want
  • It has a good LCD screen with good lighting and easy to read, for keyboard settings, use the different features or access the built-in lessons
  • The power supply is included in the product without having to buy it externally
  • A wide range of sounds and styles provided by 400 instrument voices
  • 100 built-inself-accompaniment rhythms
  • Fine-tune and synchronise the tone to your liking with the tone folding wheel, which allows you a better musical expression
  • 50 beats and effects built into Dance Music Mode
  • 48 levels of maximum polyphony for overlapping sound
  • Compatibility with the Chordana app and all its advantages, such as piano and prática classes with or without keyboards
  • Go beyond the built-in music library with MIDI storage and playback function via keyboard
  • Easy and fun education with Casio’s built-in Set-Up lesson system


  • Unweighted keyboard
  • The sounds of the instruments do not sound much like real ones and are not very expressive
  • It has no recording nor playback function

The Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard is a fun and easy instrument for those eager to learn to play the piano. It’s meant to maintain your enthusiasm and prevent you from giving up. The Chordana Play App will also make learning as fun as a videogame, and you can take your lessons on your phone or tablet. This way you can make music on the same device you use for listening to your playlists.

This digital piano includes a power supply, and incorporates features and demo rhythms, making learning music interesting and suitable for everyone.

Who is the CTK-3500 made for?

The CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard is meant to be the first piano for your children or for the family, with interesting and dynamic learning items thought for starters. It incorporates demo instrument sounds and rhythms, and a keyboard sensitive to your fingers pressure, which sounds louder or quieter according to the strength of your playing, expanding the tones range for a more expressive creation of music.

The Chordana Play App makes the CTK-3500 different from any other digital keyboard, allowing you to load MIDI music into the piano’s memory and play at the same time that you play your own music. It also displays the chords of your songs, so you will learn to read music at the same time that you learn to play.

Casio pianos are renowned as economical, easy to play, and long-lasting instruments. This is ideal for beginners, since students get acquainted not just with playing an instrument, but also with updated digital tools for making music. It’s a clever method of initiation on music learning, before leveling up to a more professional, major league piano.

What does the Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard come with?

It includes a power supply, but it works on batteries as well. It incorporates the Casio’s Step-Up piano lesson system, which you can use with the Chordana Play App.

Features Review


The Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard includes all the traits starters require to learn to play an electric piano, not just to play along with their stored music, but also for creating their own melodies.


This piano with 61 keys is small and light. You can add batteries to it to carry it around. Using six AA batteries, you have the power to play outdoors.


This piano includes all of the features you like to see in any MIDI keyboard. For example, transpose, tuning, a metronome, and a pitch bend to modulate the pitch of your sounds.

Dance Music Mode

This mode takes the lower side of the piano to produce dance music. It has 50 techno music sounds that emulate drum, bass, synth, and special sounds, starters can produce their own DJ concert in seconds.

LCD screen

The screen is clear and simple. This, along with the buttons, will quickly instruct you on settings and modulation. It also incorporates a lesson system.


It includes 400 instrument sounds, and 100 demo rhythms. This make the Casio CTK-3500 easy to personalize in order to play almost all that comes to your mind. Counting on 48 degrees of polyphony, it allows you to compose multiple overlapping sounds for more sophisticated melodies. It has as well 10 degrees of reverb, and a pitch wheel.

Step-up lesson system

Through its LCD screen, the Casio lesson system help the students learn and improve with its 60 songs incorporated. They follow the songs step by step, chord by chord, and learn at their own rhythm.

Chordana Play App

The Chordana Play App is free and included in the Casio CTK-3500. It is a great complement for the piano, and comes with 50 loaded songs. They work as stepping stones for starters when playing to them with a score display. This way students learn to play and to read music at the same time.

The Chordana Play App allows you to turn any tune in your memory into a MIDI file, which can be stored in the app or in the keyboard memory, and be played with or without connection. It also allows you to assign rhythms to each hand, modulate the tempo, transfer the tune, or repeat an excerpt to learn at your own rhythm.

Moreover, the app includes an onscreen digital piano which you can play wherever you want, on your phone or tablet. Your score will be saved into the app, so it will be like scoring points on a videogame. This app allows you to load your favorite songs into the piano to play at any time, or play the piano on your tablet or phone wherever you are. This is the most dynamic way of piano learning and practice.

Pros and Cons


  • The keyboard is sensitive and has 61 full-size keys for precise playing like on an actual piano.
  • Two degrees of sensitivity, which can be turned off to get the synth synth mode.
  • Weighs conveniently only 7,5Lbs for easy mobility.
  • It can be powered with an adaptor but also can use batteries, which are great for carrying around and play outside.
  • It incorporates an LCD screen that is clear for reading, for learning by lessons or for modifying settings and functions.
  • It comes with an electricity supply, so you don’t have to purchase one.
  • 400 instrument sounds incorporated for a broad variety of sound.
  • 100 demo rhythms incorporated.
  • Pitch bend wheel to modulate sound and synch, which gives a wider range of sound effects.
  • Dance music mode with 50 demo rhythms and sounds.
  • 48 layers of polyphony for tune overlapping.
  • It incorporates Chordana Play App where you can take your piano lessons and practice on your tablet or phone.
  • It has a memory where you can load your MIDI songs, and play along with your own music.
  • Includes a Step-Up lesson system for an easier and more interesting piano learning.


  • Non-weighted keys.
  • The instrument emulations sound a little metallic and not very realistic.
  • Doesn’t have playback nor record feature.

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