Casio LK-265 Review 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

Casio LK-265 (61-Key Lighted)

With the Chordana Play lesson app you can make learning and rehearsing as simple as possible, you just need to link the app with the Casio LK-265 and
you’re good to go.
Just with push of a button you can play lots of inbuilt instruments sounds in the

The dance music mode is on the of the coolest and funniest features the Casio LK-265 offers. You activate a type of electronic dance music you like by just pushing the respective button. Rhythm and fun is what the DanceMode offers.

Casio LK-265’s Characteristics – What Do You Make of That?

The Casio LK-265 is the most wanted instrument in the marketplace right now, and there is no coincidence. The consumers love its nice features, like:


The Casio LK-265 is, as you might have guessed, a medium ranged model designed for beginners, students and non-professional players with its very decent
number of 61 keys.

Keyboard of Casio LK 265

The key type is lighted and fluted, similar to other pianos. The speed provides 2
degrees and off.


Besides being very portable, the Casio LK-265 proves a wide range of sounds. The
dance music feature comes with fun rhythms. You can also enjoy the dance music of 50 rhythms and polyphony of 48. All of this within its400 high quality tones.

This keyboard also lets you download and save up to 50 songs thanks to its built-in
app, and you can use the downloaded songs for later accompaniment function to enjoy.

Connectivity of Casio LK 265

The many features to help the players beyond the basic learning steps makes a real good impression on them about the Casio LK-265 portable keyboard. This keyboards allow you to sing along while you play with the auxiliary and
microphone input. When connecting a sustaining pedal you can leave a realistic and outstanding piano performance.

The Casio LK-265
portable keyboard also comes with a headphone output so you can play and practice without worrying about disturbing around you. Enjoy yourself in private.

The Chordana Play app will make your learning a lot more fun, totally compatible with the Casio LK-265 portable keyboard. This is the best feature.

Onboard Features

You will have several sections to play with more than 100 types of accompaniment
styles, even though the Casio LK 265 does not support recording or playback feature.You will see the information clearly with the great LCD display.

The built-in speakers will let you have an enhanced experience and value the
effect the Casio LK 265 provides. You can be creative and make a different sound.

Power Lesson Functions

To explain how this amazing feature, we have to make acknowledgement of the set-up lesson. In order to learn correctly we have to break it in to three parts. First you master every phrase until you can play a whole song. Then, the set-up lesson will enhance your play by providing you the support you need to play precisely. 

Finally, just like a professor the keyboard will simulate a human voice telling you when you are doing it wrong and give you advices. What is even more, you can choose the part-selecting lessons: left hand, right hand, or both.
For the lessons you’re playing and listening you have built-in songs that consist on those specific genres.

Pros and Cons of the Casio LK 265

Casio LK-265 (61-Key Lighted)

Things We Like

  • If you are not one of those who want to learn to the pentagram this is an adequate solution for you
  • With 6 AA batteries it provides great value and effective work
  • Fun and simple to remember keyboard, from top to top
  • The sound pf this keyboard is really great due to the two inbuilt speakers
  • It will keep you all the time interested in playing and learning with its many pre-loaded songs and sounds
  • With the purchase of this product you will get, besides the keyboard, a stand, power cord and headphones
  • You can use your computer and MIDI software in conjunction with your keyboard with the USB slot

Things We Don't Like

  • The LCD display is not so big and has no light
  • It can be a bit difficult and painful because is semi-weighted keyboard

What is Dance Music Mode

Casio LK-265 introduces Casio's light-up keys. These make piano practice much easier. You have to activate the Chordana play lesson app, and
you’ll be ready for your piano lessons.

It emulates hundreds of instrument voices to play automatically along with your music when activated. It includes the awesome dance music mode function.

Dance mode function allows you to produce a style of techno music. When you
turn it on, you can create a rhythm on the current tempo.

Casio LK-265 features – What are they for?

It’s no wonder that the LK 265 is a very popular piano on the market. It has great features users look for. These are some of the coolest:


This piano counts on the not despicable amount of 61 keys. Of course, this is a piano for starters and not a full piano for professionals.

Like other models, this keyboard model is lighted and fluted. It has two levels of velocity and off.

The blend of synth functions and the lightweight of the keys are called semi-weighted pianos. Thanks to this, the keys endure soft to moderate finger pressure.


The LK 265 is light and compact, but it offers a wide range of sounds.

As mentioned earlier, it has the amount of about 400 high-quality chords. It gets more interesting when you activate the dance music function. It also includes 50 different techno rhythms and 48 degrees of polyphony.

Moreover, you can store up to 50 songs in the keyboard’s memory. So you can save your files and play along with your own music for more fun.

Casio LK 265’s connectivity

In fact, this portable piano calls the players attention as it adds many features that boost them further than a standard piano lesson.

It includes aux output and microphone input, which give you the possibility of singing or playing MIDI songs along with your music.

For a more real piano experience, you can attach a sustain pedal to your

When you don’t want to annoy your neighbors or family while learning, you can plug a headphone in the headphone output, so you will be the only one listening to your practice.

The most interesting feature is that you can link it to Chordana Play App for more dynamic piano lessons.

Other features

Even if the LK 265 doesn’t have a recording or playback function, it has not less than 100 styles of background music. That’s to say you will have a lot of rhythms to choose from.

The LCD screen is clear and easy to read. From my point of view, the features it incorporates are very valuable. It allows you to test and create different and more interesting music.

To say more, it comes with 60 inbuilt songs for a wider choice option,
and fitted with speakers to improve your experience.

Step-up lesson feature

The main feature to look at is the step-up lesson. To learn a song properly, the best way is to segment the track into excerpts. Do your best to learn every excerpt before you play the complete song.

Step-up lesson allows you to achieve that, giving you the chance to improve your play.

Another one is the voice guidance. As a virtual teacher, the digital piano has a human voice that corrects you when you make a mistake.

Even more, it includes lessons whose tracks you can assign to each hand or both hands. Also, stored songs are divided in genres for each type of lesson.

Here is a video you can watch to see for yourself Casio LK265’s traits.

Pros and Cons

Nice things:

  • It’s recommended for students who don’t want to take lessons following the pentagram
  • Has a great performance and works well on six AA batteries
  • Learning with this keyboard is amusing and easy to memorize
  • The sound that comes out from its two speakers is of high quality
  • It has lots of inbuilt songs to play and prevents the student from getting bored
  • It includes all the components required like the keyboard, stand, earphones and power supply
  • It has an USB input to link it to your PC and MIDI programs

Not so nice things:

  • The LCD screen is very small and a bit heavy
  • Since the keys are semi-weighted, it can feel hard to play

Zen Chung

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