Casio Privia PX-160 Review

General Overview

Upon first inspection, a few different things stand out about the PX-160. For one, it’s one of the more attractive entry-level keyboards out there, though that isn’t saying much. The keyboard comes in either a solid black or a muted gold color, both of which look natural and fit in just about anywhere. The keyboard itself is fairly sleek, with the exception of the raised top section that houses most of the central functionality on the keyboard itself.

The full-sized, 88-key keyboard piano seems well-crafted and sturdy throughout, with the plastic body having very few separate parts, leading to a solid construction that feels great and not overly fragile. Everything is laid out in an intuitive, simplified manner that is perfect for those just learning the ropes. You won’t find any complex menu diving here, as everything you can do on the keyboard is accessed from the simple set of controls on the front console.

The keyboard supports full 128-voice polyphony, which is quite standard for many higher-end keyboards. That being said, we were very happy to see it included here. It’s clear that Casio truly set out to create a piano that allowed beginners to have a competent instrument to learn on, instead of simply slashing features and quality to meet a rock-bottom price point. Everything about this keyboard makes it seem like it’s competing a few weight classes above its own, which is a testament to Casio’s quality and consistency.

The speakers included internally with the PX-160 were another surprisingly impressive high point for the keyboard. All too often, keyboards at this price point simply do not offer anything in the way of bass response, but that isn’t the case here. Not only is the bass even and full (relatively speaking), it’s also loud enough to fill most rooms without connecting to anything externally.

When turned up near the limit, we did notice a bit of peaking when multiple voices were being expressed simultaneously, but nothing bad enough to be more than a minor annoyance. All in all, we were very pleased with the sound on the piano itself.

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