How to Choose a Digital Piano 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

If you love playing the piano and decide that you want a digital one to add to your classic acoustic type, then you should know the features that make digital pianos the best choice among the rest. You have to know the features if you intend to make full use of your new instrument. So, what should you look for in digital pianos?


Weighted keys

You need to find out whether the digital piano you are eyeing has weighted keys. What are weighted keys? These keys contain counterweights on the back of each key. These counterweights push the key upward and make it a hard to push down. This is exactly what you need as this feature mimics the hammers attached to the keys of an acoustic piano. High quality digital pianos have “hammer action” that are not so different from that of a standard piano.

Sampled sounds

Look for a digital piano that has a lot of sampled sounds. Why? A digital piano actually uses sound recorded from a real grand piano to make its music sound authentic. As such, the more samples are included in the digital piano, the better it will be in producing realistic piano sounds. Be sure to actually listen to a digital piano for you to evaluate the quality of sound produced.


You also need to look into the polyphony feature of the digital piano. This is needed if you play a piece that needs you to hold down the pedal as you play several notes. Basically, you should look for a piano with around 64 or 128.


Generally, digital pianos have 88, 76 or 61 keys. If you want something that is not so different from your good old standard piano, then go for one with 88 keys. The fewer keys won’t let you play almost any musical piece, although you can transpose notes to go down or up an octave. But that is added work on your part just to play the song you like.


Look for a digital piano with speakers so that you can get the assurance that your music will be heard. However, there are digital pianos with no speakers at all. Just be sure to find out you want one with speakers or not.


There are lots of effects that are included in the program of a digital piano. You can get to play sounds of other instruments and you can also take advantage of rhythm tracks. What this means is you need to determine what you need your digital piano for.

Tuning capability

If you want to use your digital piano to play with a group of friends, then you can look for a digital piano built in with the capability to change the frequency between notes and tuning. With this feature, you can get your piano to harmonize with the other instruments in the band.

So, there you have it – the different things you need to find in the digital piano you should buy.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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