Mendini Violin 4/4MV300 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

The violin is a stringed musical instrument also known as a fiddle. It is played using a drawing bow to slide across the aligned strings. The parts of the instrument may be made from different kinds of wood and sold usually as a complete set. Although the product may be bought as new, some also prefer used ones. In looking for the rightful piece, there are some things to consider like the budget and quality.

When we talk about quality, manufacturers and brand come into focus. One worthy to be praised as one of the tops is Mendini. The company boasts of ideal products for beginners and intermediate students. They manufacture low cost but durable violins in most a complete set. They are truly budget-friendly and designed to let you experience if not equally the same with expensive kinds but explicitly as that of its similar kind.


The Mendini 4/4MV300


This model is a solid pick for students new to the violin even for just anyone who just wants to try this exquisite stringed musical instrument. It makes a warm and mellow tone when compared to the other version which is the Mendini MV200 that makes a more vibrant tone.


Simple yet elegant enough in its traditional-looking design. The Mendini MV300 is made from solid wood, handcrafted with a satin finish on a solid spruce top with maple back and sides. The fingerboard also is maple and for that dark ebony effect believed to be stained to appear so. This full size 4/4 satin antique violin comes as a complete set. So what is included when you buy the piece is all worth the expense.

This particularly lightweight stringed musical instrument also comes with a lightweight hard case to protect it along with a Brazilian bow. All this in just about 4 pounds in weight as measured. The Brazilian bow has unbleached Mongolian horsehair. The shoulder rest is adjustable and is packed with rosin having two bridges to choose from an extra set of strings. On the other hand, the chin rest has an alloy tailpiece and additionally has four fine tuners integrated into it. Although definitely better than plastic as this is a beginner’s instrument of choice, it would seem fit to also choose rosewood against maple. But as with regards to the concern on the budget, it presents itself quite worthy of purchase. The pegs then are maple too in which the included rosin cake delivers a glaze effect on it. This, in turn, prevents it from powering up in the case during shipping or storage as do other kinds.

Now, this new violin may not squeak a tune yet as soon as you get a hold of this fine piece for the first time as it is new. With most musical instrument if not all, buying a new one comes with a task at hand before being able to play it. Evidently, this is just not a consumer product you get to enjoy right away. Just as it is new, the Mendini MV300 needs to be properly set up. Now, this is quite tricky for some and may even be a hold up for some buyers. This is probably one of the few reasons some would prefer to purchase a used one. That is obviously to avoid the menial task of setting it up first. And so you would be needing some sandpaper or nail file. The process entails careful handling of the instrument so be advised to check with an experienced person or at least be guided on the steps. However, if you are confident enough and though to just go and give it a go, do so with precision and caution. Most refer to some guide on the steps or have someone show them how.  So to prepare the violin before playing, you take off the strings and apply powdery rosin into each peg.  After which you need to put some rosin to the holes at the headstock. The headstock is where you put the pegs in place. Now then you can put the peg with the attached string back into the headstock. You sand off the glaze from the rosin just so until the cake gets powdery. This is really a crucial part if not properly done could give damage on the piece and because of this, it has been sadly one of the comments given on the worthiness of the piece as a top product.

Now you may feel a kind of stiffness during the tuning process of the strings. But as mentioned earlier this initial step is important because it can prevent the strings from slipping. This, in turn, makes the string hold their tune longer and also results in a clearer sound produced. An interesting technique done by most if not all is to rap lightly the heads of each peg with your knuckle just so to get it to seat itself in the holes. Just a reminder though as the instrument is quite fragile, you need to do this lightly even like giving a cautious tap on a wall. Another thing to remember while doing all this is to prevent from trying to tune each string simultaneously.  So the sound advice is to get each string on first then after having the pegs seated and rapped into place, you can start the tuning process.

Then just so you to make you almost ready, bear in mind to not wind up one string while hastily tuning it up. In this piece, the bridge moves around so to easily nudge it into place after the adjustments. The key here is to apply tension or stress on the fret and joints then on each string one at a time being from the low to the high manner. Now the piece is ready for tuning to the right melody.

And so, still, others prefer quality over price, the Mendini MV300 presents itself as a decent product to choose from a variety of expensive looking yet highly unconventional in their respective features and prices. The Mendini trademark of excellence on durability, elegance, and budget-friendly will never be easily dismissed. All of which is topped worth a one- year warranty for possible manufacturing defects. With all this in mind then, the right piece, the proper setup, and the eager hands are all too ready to play a beautiful music.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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