Top 5 Cheap Digital Pianos of 2023 – Our Pick 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung


An Introduction:

Different Styles of Digital Piano

There are three styles of digital pianos; the slab, console and the grand. The basis in choosing which style you like highly depend on the use, space limitations, furniture requirements, and price.

  1. Slab

This type of piano is basically a keyboard and usually pedals without a stand. If you want to take the piano to a gig, or your place needs to make the most efficient use of every area, the slab is best for you. It can be placed on a stand or table for practice and stuck in a closet when not in use. You must remember that slabs weigh from 20 to 85 lbs, so be sure to choose one with a weight that you can carry. They generally come with a single pedal but for other models, optional stands and three-pedal units are available. It is possible that you will be buying the slab, stand and pedal unit separately and put them together.

  1. Console

A keyboard with a stand or cabinet that contains a built-in pedal assembly is called a console. It may look like an upright acoustic piano or organ, or simply as a digital piano. Consoles commonly have a stand and pedal assembly built-in at the factory. But, as mentioned, many slabs can be turned into a console by separately buying a stand with an integrated pedal assembly.

The console’s cabinetry models range from flat side supports with a cross member of stability, to elegant designs that would look at home in the classiest surroundings.

  1. Grand

If you want your piano to be placed in elegant surroundings, you must choose the grand-style piano. This digital grand piano comes in about 3 – 5 feet. Similar to some console models, these are often available in a variety of wood-grain finishes and the polished ebony finish common in today’s acoustic grand. Among the three styles, the grand is the most expensive. You will usually pay a higher price for an elegant furniture.

You must understand that there is little or no relationship between an instrument’s physical style and its musical features. Slabs are commonly used onstage by professional musicians while grand-digitals may have features no better than the non-grand versions. However, the ample spaces enclosed by a grand piano cabinet and some console cabinets can hold larger and well-positioned speakers, importantly woofers. These features and the sympathetic vibration of a wood cabinet results to a better sound quality from the onboard speakers compared to some digital pianos without cabinets like slabs.

Enough for a little background and introduction about the digital pianos and keyboards. Now let’s go find some affordable keyboard piano that fits your lifestyle. Playing the piano is good for you, the activity stimulates the brain, improves memory, promotes happiness and more. In some instances, a traditional piano will not work as they can be expensive and will take a larger space. And if you are sharing space with other people, your play and practice will be limited also. Now if you are looking for a digital piano that will save you money, space and time, there are affordable units in the market that offers a less cumbersome and cheaper alternative to the traditional and expensive one.

The best digital pianos are made to sound and feel like a traditional piano as possible. What you are about to read are the top 5 picks to you find the best piano keyboard at an affordable price.


Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

This portable grand piano has 76 non-weighted keys that use Graded Soft Touch action. Meaning, the keys are much lighter and take less force to play than a traditional piano. For beginners and or just playing for recreation but want to develop your technique eventually, this piano is a better option for you. And in the long run, if you plan to shift to a traditional piano it may be more challenging than if you went with a keyboard with weighted keys.

The Yamaha YPG-235 comes with 30 pre-programmed songs, internal speakers, stereo sound, and advanced wave memory. The Yamaha Education Suite helps you learn to play because it monitors and grades your progress along the way.

Williams Legato Digital Piano

The Williams Legato digital piano is an affordable digital piano with 88 semi-weighted keys. This provides keys that are similar to those on a real piano. The Williams Legato plays five different sounds; piano, electric piano, organ, synth, and bass. It has built-in speakers as well as a metronome. This unit is portable because of its lightweight frame. It is battery operated so you can take it outdoor for social gatherings without the worry of finding a power outlet. This keyboard has excellent sound and touch response. You can seldom find a full-length keyboard at an affordable price.

Yamaha NP32 76-Key Piaggero Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha portable keyboard has 76 Graded Soft Touch keys. Its compressed size makes it easy to store, transport, and play anywhere. This keyboard features a wide range of pre-programmed music and the record button allows you to save your practice sessions.

The Yamaha NP32 offers the added benefit of connecting to your iOS device so you can utilize the wide range of applications Yamaha offers. This keyboard also features several high-quality voices, from a Yamaha concert grand piano to an electric piano.

Williams Allegro 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

The Williams Allegro has 88 hammer-action weighted keys which give it the feel of a traditional piano, a custom sound library, and 10 sound samples. The Williams Allegro 2 may be one of the best affordable keyboard pianos for your money. This keyboard has a genuine design and it is very easy to learn and use different functions. This digital piano has built-in speakers, metronome, graphic LCD display, and easy-to-use controls that make this keyboard both fun and simple to learn and play.

Yamaha NP12 61-key Entry-Level Piaggero Ultra-Portable Digital Piano

This ultra-portable digital piano is simple and user-friendly with 61 non-weighted keys, 10 preset voice and 10 preset piano demos, and a built-in stereo. You can use the unit with an AC adaptor or just rely on batteries. With the 30 minutes of non-use, the power will turn off which supports the long life of your battery.

The shorter keyboard makes the Yamaha NP12 much more lightweight and portable. But that feature can also limit your music selection. If you plan on playing more complex pieces, this is not the best choice.


Finding the best yet affordable keyboard piano is much easier when you know what you are looking for. What is your primary reason for having one? Will you be using it for practice or for performing professionally? These are just some of the considerations you need to add to the number of keys, features, number of tones, portability, and price.

For the best and affordable piano, a keyboard with 88 fully weighted keys is the best option. This will the best instrument in mimicking the feel of a traditional piano but with the convenience of a lighter smaller keyboard and suits the beginners like you.

Zen Chung

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