Best Violin For Kids 

 December 7, 2021

By  Zen Chung

Centuries ago, children were just mere spectators in stage plays or shows. They were expected to do things like playing around with other children. But as time went by, children nowadays are more responsible and more inclined to do things that are beyond their age. They are encouraged to explore the world and conquer it at a young age.

Some toddlers can now play a musical instrument like a professional musician.  Parents are proud to have children that have skills and talents that are well developed. Playing musical instruments is one of the skills that are being developed for children. There are so many musical instruments to choose from. One of the musical instruments that kids can play is the violin. 

This write-up will discuss the best violins for kids and the factors you need to know before getting the best violin that will suit your kid. We made a list of the best violins, and we will discuss each one of them for you to narrow down your choices. This review aims to help you to choose the best violin for your kids in order for them to enjoy playing it and to enhance their skills to their full potential.


Is Violin for Kids Any Good?

A violin is an attractive instrument for kids and can help encourage a child’s vision in music, improve memory, and increase learning rates. However, a violin can be challenging for children, but with consistent practice, the kid will be able to master this art. In addition, a good violin will encourage your kid to continue improving their skills.

Music is an art to the soul, and violin instruments produce a sound that is soothing to the ears. However, when it comes to kids playing violins, it is essential to note that most of them are learners, and they need practice to help them stand out from the rest. Despite this, some kids will sometimes have various degrees and requirements of expertise similar to experienced players. So, depending on the expertise level of your kid, pick the right violin that matches their needs.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled the eleven best violins in the market today. Hopefully, you will be able to find your perfect violin in the options below.

What size of violin is good for kids?


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1. Eastar 3/4 Violin Set Natural Varnish Fiddle for Kids

[amazon box="B08199SVYK" template="horizontal"]

If you have a child who would like to start learning violin, you can never be sure if there are going to stick to it. As a result, you must be careful about how much you spend on the first instrument. The Eastar 3/4 Violin Set Natural Varnish Fiddle for Kids provides a perfect balance of quality and price. It is well constructed with a spruce wood panel, a maple wood neck, and a maple backboard.

This violin for kids comes with a muscovite fingerboard that comes in handy to help beginners master the basic techniques. It also features a genuine Mongolian horsehair bow that is of durable quality for such an affordable violin. However, you will have to install the bridge yourself, and it doesn’t include any instructions, but you can always seek help from a music shop or a violin teacher.

Other features of this violin include a date wood chin rest and tail nail, aluminum alloy stain, pearwood fingerboard, and four integrated fine tuners. This decent quality and all-in-one violin instrument provides a good value for money. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly violin for kids who are just starting out, then this one is a great option.


  • Durable construction
  • Hand made
  • Quality prelude strings
  • Good value for money
  • Muscovite fingerboard for learners to advance
  • Reasonable price


  • Lacks instructions on how to install the bridge

2. Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Kids

[amazon box="B00EOYKGH0" template="horizontal"]

Cecilio is a popular brand that has been in the market for quite some time and has been known to provide convenient bowed instruments since the company was started. The Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Kids is an ideal solo violin for anyone looking to start their violin playing journey. It comes with an amazing sound and well-balanced violin strings that are easy to play.

Unlike many entry-level violins that don’t include shoulder rests, this one includes an adjustable shoulder rest to ensure you can comfortably play this musical instrument. In addition, the shoulder rest is well padded for maximum comfort. This set is an excellent addition for beginners ad students who haven’t decided on whether to pick a 3/4 or 4/4 sized violin.

This violin also includes a reliable tuner, a case, rosin, two bows, and a lesson book for first-time users. Its body is made of a solid maple body, and the sides feature a hand-carved spruce top. It also features an antique varnish spray that provides the instrument with a unique and soft sound.


  • Attractive antique looking finish
  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Durable construction
  • Incredible sound


  • The tuning pegs are not of the best quality

3. Cremona SV-175 Student Violin

[amazon box="B000O56IC0" template="horizontal"]

Young children are not easy to please. They want their things to be nice, attractive and comfortable. So if you are looking for a beginner’s violin, Cremona SV-175 Student Violin is our best bet. It is made for first-timers and progressing students. Crafting a violin is very tedious, which is why in making the Cremona SV-175 Violin, each part is checked whether it is fitted correctly or not. The materials used in Cremona SV-175 Violin are the same materials used in professional violins such as spruce, maple and ebony. These three kinds of wood are the best selections that are essential materials in creating a fine violin. The manufacturers of Cremona violins made sure that these woods were of age to use in crafting the violin. 

The spruce wood is used for the front body of the violin, while the maple wood is used for the sides and the back part. Ebony is a very hard black wood, so it is used for the fingerboards, pegs and the chinrest because these parts are the most used parts of a violin. It is crafted to best suit the beginner’s level with shaped fittings for better control and fine-tuning adjustments, making it easier for the student to play.

One factor that makes it best for the beginner is its weight. It is lightweight, so for sure, the kids will love it, making them feel comfortable. In addition, the prelude strings used in Cremona are from the US, which is the best choice of the violin teacher, which they believe can help the children to enjoy and listen to the best music.

The overall appearance of the violin is also superb. The varnish used is a warm brown that highlights the true color and form of the wood used. It adds beauty to the natural design of the wood, which becomes a classy and sophisticated yet affordable instrument. It comes with a TL-33 violin case with a built-in hygrometer. The bow is octagonal Brazilwood with ebony frog and unbleached horsehair. Again, this looks so classy and professional but at a very affordable price.


  • Beautiful case
  • Perfect tone
  • Includes D’Addario strings
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to play


  • Doesn’t include other accessories

4. SKY(Paititi) 1/4 Size SKYVN102 Student Violin

[amazon box="B07MM2WV5V" template="horizontal"]

The Sky(Paititi) 1/4 Size SKYVN102 Violin is an outstanding violin for kids, beginners, and people who are hoping to learn to play the instrument. This is a SKY 1/4 Full Size, has a solid maple wood, and a good quality musical instrument that comes at a low price. Furthermore, this violin comes professionally set up, which means you can start playing as soon as it arrives, with no configuration required.

This beginner violin includes all the necessary and vital accessories that you need to start playing the violin. It comes with a high-quality shoulder rest, a rubber practice mute and a lightweight triangular violin case. Its rosin features a high-quality Australian rosin cake and shoulder support made of high-quality foam and plastic.

The violin case features a rainproof exterior to protect the new instrument in case it gets stuck in the rain. It also features pockets to store sheet music and other accessories. The new adjusted bridge makes it suitable for kids up to 12 years of age. It has a hand-carved solid spruce top, and the rest of its body is made from high-quality and hand-carved solid maple. When it comes to finishing, this best budget violin has a coat oil varnish that provides a beautiful shine and color.

This violin comes with high-quality strings, and the chin, fingerboard, and pegs are made from high-quality and solid maple wood. Its tail is also made from solid maple wood and features four smooth fine tuners made of metal. Furthermore, this violin for kids is made of Brazilian wood, comes with a double pearl eye ad Mongolian horsehair to easily play the violin strings.


  • Built-in tuners
  • Great beginner violin
  • Decent quality of materials
  • Comes fully assembled
  • A sturdy bow


  • The bridge may be too high and too thick

5. Aliyes Solid Wood Violin

[amazon box="B07RRMV9FV" template="horizontal"]

The Aliyes Solid Wood Violin is another beginner-friendly violin and best budget violin that is easy for students to use. It helps kids master the correct and get familiar with violins. Unlike other popular violins, with this violin, you can adjust the weight of every part to make it easy fr kids to hold the violin in a proper posture. In addition, it features excellent workmanship with every part and accessory.

This violin comes with a hand-carved solid spruce top, an alloy tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners as well as an ebony fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs. All these features and more make the vibration of the music perfect and more complete. This newly manufactured violin is updated with a new packaging that is more safe and lightweight. The slider and the zipper on the case are specially tested to provide maximum safety.

With a one-year manufacturer quality assurance and a lifetime warranty on this perfect violin, you don’t have to worry about the body and the parts of the violin getting damaged.


  • Attractive ebony fingerboard
  • Rich and clear sounds
  • Great for young beginners
  • High-quality kids violin
  • Affordable


  • A bit difficult to tune

6. Paititi 1/2 Size Artist-100 Student Violin Starter Kit

[amazon box="B01AMKFONA" template="horizontal"]

The Paititi 1/2 Size Artist-100 Student Violin Starter Kit is designed as a beginner violin but comes with a great sound at low prices. This inexpensive violin is an outstanding option for kids, especially those who are not sure that they will stick to violin playing for a long time. This is the best violin for kids who want to try out the instrument first without the need to spend a lot of money on the perfect violin.

As one of the best beginner violins for kids, this Paititi violin includes a rainproof case, shoulder rest, a clip-on tuner, and a set of extra strings. The clip-on tuner features a high-sensitivity vibration sensor and a one-button operation. This tuner is simple to attach to the instrument and comes with a colored light that turns green when you’ve tuned the string properly.

Additionally, the brazilwood bow features genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair and a double pearl eye for durability and convenient use. However, some users find the pegs to be too loose, which means it may require some time to get used to tuning this violin. Despite this, you get the brightest and rich tones with this quality violin.


  • Rainproof case
  • Clip-on tuner enables easy tuning
  • Lower price
  • Comes with an extra set of violin strings
  • A good violin for a beginner student


  • The pegs are a bit loose and may easily slip

7. Cremona SV-150 Student Violin

[amazon box="B0026IC6Q0" template="horizontal"]

If your child’s skill for playing the violin is so promising, the instrument that you should choose is the one that would help in the advancement of the skill. You have to choose the violin that will suit their needs and that would help enhance his or her ability to play the instrument. If your child is at the beginner’s level, we recommend using the Cremona SV-150 Student Violin. This violin model is crafted with the finest woods to create the finest music that could inspire the kids to play harder. Having the best violin will make the children motivated to always practice so that they develop their skills and become better musicians.

This model of Cremona is hand-crafted. The solid sides made of solid maple wood are hand carved as well as the body is made of spruce. They also use ebony for the fingerboard and boxwood fittings which are proven to help for stability and smooth playing. You can be assured that the quality of this violin is at its best because they picked the best woods to provide the best quality sound, even for just a beginner instrument.

The prelude strings are made from the US and are highly recommended by the instructors for violin lessons. The strings help in getting the best tone from playing the violin. It shows the VP-203 Cremona 3-star bridge with a warm brown varnish that shows the natural beauty of the wood.

The Cremona SV-150 Student Violin comes with the TL-33 Travelite case with a built-in hygrometer which is durable and lightweight. In addition, it has an LB-15 Brazilwood bow by J. LaSalle with genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair.

This Cremona SV-150 Student Violin is a type of violin that ensures good performance with good quality tones that would definitely inspire kids to play and enjoy the violin.


  • Smooth fine tuners
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Built-in hygrometer


  • Not the best sound quality

8. Mendini MV300 Student Violin

[amazon box="B0020288X2" template="horizontal"]

Mendini MV300 Student Violin is built for beginners, but it is also undeniably built with high quality. Many violin instructors and students recommend this violin model because, as a beginner, it is easy to make a sound using this violin.

Solid spruce is hand-carved for the top, and maple wood is used for the back and sides. Maple wood is also used for the fingerboard, pegs and chin rest. The high-quality lightweight composite tailpiece is made of alloy with four tuners.

Looking for a high-quality violin with affordable prices and some freebies? Well, we recommend Mendini MV300. This instrument is so convenient for beginners because it includes extra accessories for free. For example, it has extra strings in case the student will accidentally break them while tuning. And it also includes an extra bridge in case it breaks while the student puts it on. Inevitably, there will be occasions wherein the student might accidentally break the instrument, so these extra free features are very useful as the beginner learns to play the instrument.

The case of Mendini MV300 is hard but lightweight that comes with a strap that could be worn as a backpack so it can be carried with ease. The bow is made of Brazilwood and with Mongolian horsehair. It also includes quality rosin and an adjustable shoulder pad that makes a great bundle for a beginner.


  • Low price point
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Easy tuning
  • Includes a beginner kit
  • Extra strings in case the string breaks


  • Challenges with staying in tune

9. Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D

[amazon box="B0020288PU" template="horizontal"]

The Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D comes with a beautifully contoured body that enables the child to get a good feel of the instrument. It is made from durable maple wood and comes with a spruce top that gives it a bright and warm acoustic available. You get to choose from several sizes. Furthermore, your child can make quick adjustments to the tuning for an amazing sound.

It comes with a tailpiece that enables much finer adjustments and a 92D chromatic string tuner that helps get the notes right. This beginner violin also includes a lightweight and hard casing that helps keep the high-quality instruments safe when not in use. It also features two bridges, a bow, shoulder rest, and a rosin cake which is a block of resin that is rubbed on the bowstrings for better grip.

Moreover, the violin bows are made from real Mongolian horsehair and Brazilwood for durability. The adjustable shoulder rest ensures your child maintains a good posture while playing the best violin for kids. It produces a rich, deep, and powerful tone that makes it a great beginner violin or for advanced students. It includes a tuner which can also be used as a metronome for any level violinist.


  • Made from a high-quality wood
  • Padded shoulder rest
  • Produces rich tones
  • Comes with everything required
  • Beautiful sound
  • Great design


  • The strings are not the best quality

10. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 1/8 Size By Kennedy Violins

[amazon box="B01GF2LWPI" template="horizontal"]

Another complete set of violin for kids is this Bunnel Pupil Outfit 1/8 Size By Kennedy Violins. If you’re looking to give your child an amazing headstart in this art of violin, then you should get a high-quality instrument that comes as a complete set. This violin is made from hand-carved solid spruce and maple woods that help provide a smooth sound. As opposed to the sides being pressed by the instrument, they are also carved.

Additionally, the tuning pegs and the fingerboard feature polished ebony. Unlike other low-quality violins for kids that come with an oily lacquer finish that may alter the sound, this instrument features a satin finish. This child violin measures 1/8 in size, which is the smallest size available, but you can also choose from the other three sizes as well.

The violin bow is made from high-quality Brazilwood and is also fitted with 100% Mongolian horsehair. It also provides a leather grip to ensure a comfortable play, and the case is large enough to ensure everything fits inside. In addition, the case comes with large accessory compartments and a velour lining for easy storage. You also get velcro closings and a hygrometer to help check the humidity.


  • High-quality wood
  • Great bow
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Includes all the accessories required


  • Cosmetic flaws are visible on the body of the violin

11. ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin

[amazon box="B00Z8OTBYE" template="horizontal"]

If you have a tight budget but still want your kid to learn how to play the violin, we recommend this ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin. This is cheaper than the other violin models, but then it is also made not to compromise the sound quality. It has a great design and looks. The woods used are also durable.

Although the price is way lower than the other violin models, many professional players recommend this ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin for beginners. It gives the same feel, and it helps the young players to be familiar with the different parts of the instrument. It is best suited to those who are not yet sure if they are really into playing the instrument, whether they have a passion for it or they just want to try it. And if ever your kid does not want to play anymore, it will be okay because you did not invest much for this ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin.

The ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin is available in blue-black and red-brown colors.  Those who have this kind of instrument are quite impressed with the design as well as its ability to produce fine sound. Spruce wood is used for the top, and rosewood is used for the chin rest, pegs and fingerboard. Maple wood is hand-carved and used for the back, sides and neck parts. The tailpiece is made of alloy with four fine tuners.

It has a Brazilwood bow with an extra bridge and extra strings that is quite useful in case the player breaks it. The casing, which can be worn as a backpack, is made of sturdy nylon on the outside while padded inside for the safety of the instrument while in transport.


  • Includes a full kit
  • High-quality construction
  • Beautiful sound
  • Extra strings
  • Low price


  • Not the best for left-hand users

Classic Vs. Electric Violins: Which One is Better for Kids?

There is no rule on which of the two types is the best violin for kids. Whatever type you get your kid, it depends on what he or she likes to play. If your kid enjoys playing and learning from an electric violin, then that’s what you should get. On the other hand, if the kid prefers the normal or classical stringed violin, then so be it.

However, if your child is starting out and doesn’t have an opinion on what to buy, then a classical violin would be a great option. Unlike electrical violins that come with steel strings, classical violins have nylon strings. A nylon string is easier to press and play when compared to a steel string. If your kid is a beginner, this means that he or she would spend more time practicing, and you want to get a violin that is easy on their hands.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Choosing the Best Violin for Kids? 

1. Size

You have to consider the size of the instrument to help you find one that matches your child. If you have a small kid, then you have to choose a small violin that is best suitable for him or her. It would be very difficult and uncomfortable for the child to learn to play the instrument if they have the wrong size of the instrument. 

 You have to let the child hold the violin on their shoulder and try to reach with their playing hand around the scroll comfortably with elbow bent. Violins come in eight different sizes measured as a fraction. 4/4, also known as a full size, is the largest available size that can be used by larger kids or an adult looking for a beginner violin for kids. Other sizes will include 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32.

2. Violin Strings

There are different kinds of strings, and you should make sure that the strings are of good quality so that it will be comfortable for the kids to play with it. For example, there are steel strings that are of good quality, and they could last a long time, but sometimes it is painful for the kid’s fingers. Some of the strings with non-metals cores include D’Addario, Thomastik, Corelli, Pirasto and Larsen.

3. Material

There are different types of materials used for making a violin. Some of the parts of the instruments like neck, bloody and scroll are made of different types of wood, and the bows can either be made from plastic or wood then strung with horsehair, while the fine tuners are mostly made of metals like nickel. The choice of material will not only influence the durability of the instrument but also the sound of the instrument. Most kids’ violins come with maple, rosewood or ebony fingerboard as well as a maple body and spruce top.

4. Weight

Weight is another important consideration when shopping for the best violin for kids. If the instrument is too heavy, the chances are that your child may be unable to carry it or get tired even before they finish playing. On the other hand, very light violins might be unable to give rich tones, and the child will only be able to use them as a toy.

5. Bridge

You have to consider the placement of the bridge, its shape and its quality as well. When buying a new violin, you have to set up the bridge correctly so that the child can play correctly and comfortably. The bridge form, consistency, and positioning are one of the top details of a well-made and quality violin. To ensure a proper installation of the violin, some violin for kids will need an experienced player or a music shop for help. However, some models come with the bridge already positioned, which means you can start using it right away.

If the bridge is in a position that is too high, pressing the prelude strings can make it difficult for kids to play and may also lead to some hand pains or injury to the child. As a result, it is vital to ensure that the strings for the best violins are well-tuned and adequately stretched for comfort and good sound quality.

6. Chin Rest

The chin rest is an important part that needs proper care. They will always come attached to the violin for kids since the instrument can’t be played without one. If the chin rest is not positioned correctly, it will be hard and painful for the child to hold the instrument. Pain can make the child give up playing. So chin rest should be fitted comfortably with the child’s chin for pleasure and comfort while playing the violin.

Good chin rests will match the kid’s chin comfortably, allowing them to always keep their heads high and straight while looking at the fingerboard. Some chin rests will have a strong ridge, unlike a regular chin rest. A regular chin rest might lead to frequent annoyance and pain while playing kids violins.

7. Adjustable Shoulder Rest

Comfort is important, especially for children who are just a beginner. If they feel uncomfortable, most probably they will give up and will not play anymore. A perfect shoulder rest will give a student the correct posture while playing without discomfort and pain. Unlike chin rests, shoulder rest will come as a separate accessory added to the child’s violin. Most violin players find a shoulder rest a very handy tool, but a violin can be played without one.

8. Bow

Every violin player requires a reliable bow to play these instruments properly. Many violins come with a bow, and some will even include more than one, which comes in handy if a bow breaks. The professional bows can either be made of plastic or high-quality wood then strung with horsehair. To be able to make a sound when the bow gets into contact with strings, then this bow requires the rosin to be rubbed on the horsehair.

9. Additional Accessories

Some of the violin instruments will come with additional accessories ranging from extra strings to tuners and bridges. While some of these additions may not be necessary for helping your kid learn how to play the violin, they can come in handy for comfort and help your kid learn faster. A turner will help your kid get the right sound quality from the violin, while the extra string is also incredible, especially when the string snaps or gets damaged.

Some violin brands will also include fingerboard stickers to help the child learn the patterns and polishing cloths to ensure the violin remains clean at all times. Others will come with learning kits that include guides, books and other accessories to guide the child into becoming a better violin player. Some of the beginner violins will include almost everything you need, for example, shoulder rest, extra bridge and strings, metronome and tuner, rosin, and all other accessories that will help your child learn how to play violin faster.

10. Price

There are so many expensive violins, but there are also cheaper ones. You have to make sure first whether your child is fully committed to learning to play the violin. You do not want to regret paying much for a violin when your child decides to stop learning the violin and wants to learn another musical instrument.

You also have to consider buying an old violin or a new one. Buying an old violin can also save you a lot of money, and for sure, the quality of the music is good because it is already used regularly and kept in tune. On the other hand, new ones can be expensive and sometimes the quality of the materials used is somehow not as good as the older ones.

Buying Vs. Renting A High-Quality Violin

There are many reasons why it is advisable to rent rather than buy a violin. For example, if your child is still very young and has a lot of learning to do while they are rapidly growing, you can choose to rent a violin. Furthermore, renting is always a better option if your kid is unsure about the instrument they want to play. You don’t want to be stuck with a violin that your child will only use for a few days and never play it again.

However, while renting can be convenient, it can be expensive in the long run, and it is much harder to find the exact size that matches your kid. Whatever you choose to do, never get a professional violin that is too big for your child. This is because when a kid is forced to play the violin that is too big, they may not be able to play it well, and they are also prone to injury.

Choosing the Right Violin Size for Your Kids

The size of the violin for kids really matters. This is because kids have smaller fingers and hands and may not be able to enjoy a full-sized adult-sized violin. As mentioned earlier, violins come in various sizes, and every size is designed for a specific player. To find out the size that is suitable for your child’s needs, you need to know the length of the kid’s neck and the left-hand palm when it’s fully extended and when the arm is raised in a position that holds the violin.

The right size can be determined using the neck-wrist approach, where the length from the wrist to the neck is used. Professional violin payers and teachers recommend this approach as the size is more comfortable and much easier for the learners and kids. Unlike violin for kids, adults should consider picking full-sized violins, regardless of what their body proportions are. Despite this, always keep in mind the size of the violin is a very important detail that shouldn’t be ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Violin For Kids

1. What is the best violin for a child?

Based on the age as well as your child’s arm length, you can be able to determine the correct size of violin right for them. We recommend looking at our article mentions Cremona SV-175 Student Violin, Cremona SV-150 Student Violin, Mendini MV300 Student Violin and ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin if you’re looking for a violin for your young one.

2. At what age can a child learn violin?

A child is able to learn violin from preschool age, i.e., ages four to five. This is also the best time to determine if they are interested in picking up the instrument and starting training.

3. How much is a kids’ violin?

Violin Prices range differently based on the grade. Depending on the abilities of your child, if they are more than capable, it won’t hurt to view higher graded violins, which might be expensive, from $1000 and above in most cases.

Sadly, it is difficult to get higher grade violins at lower prices, some people allege to get high-grade violins at the $200 to $300 price point, but they don’t fit the bill of a highly graded instrument. There are many violins out there; considering other factors like age, child’s arm length, as well as budget will give you the right idea of what violin to choose. You can still get a lovely violin for lower and more affordable prices.

4. What size violin does a 7-year-old need?

Based on their Arm Length, which should be around 18” to 20” (50.8 cm), we recommend the ¼ Size to ½ size, respectively.

5. What size violin does a 6-year-old need?

We recommend the ¼ Size violin based on their size and arm length. Most should have arm lengths between 18” and 18.5”.

6. Is Violin hard to learn?

All instruments have a level of difficulty when it comes to learning them. In comparison to other stringed instruments, the violin/cello takes some time as well as other additional resources to make one proficient. People put the 10-year mark, where one will become a completely fluent player. Nothing beats practice and more practice, spending time learning and being comfortable with your influence as well as building overall confidence.

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