Yamaha DGX650WH Review 

 October 25, 2020

By  Zen Chung

Looking for a review of Yamaha DGX 650? You’re in the right spot. So let’s begin with the initiation. The significance of a well-crafted, fully tuned instrument is well known to concert pianists. They also know the price of such an instrument. This price can be hundreds of thousands of bucks higher, which brings such a tool out of reach for those at home searching to fine-tune their craft.

That’s where Yamaha gets in; they offer the value of the concert piano (without the cost of the concert piano) with their range of house concert instruments — the Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano.



For pianists playing or learning chords, this Yamaha model comes with an application called Smart Chord. This particular function enhances ‘chord only playing’ by building up each note alongside the pianist.

This Yamaha model comes with an implementation called Smart Chord for pianists practicing or teaching chords. By setting up each note alongside the pianist, this specific feature enhances “chord play only”.

This will make the performer sound like a professional, even though they just start learning chords and playing chords. Smart Chord will finish the pianist’s full chord with a single stroke of a button. Smart Chord steps in to help finish the player’s sound, whether it’s a basic pop triad or complicated 7th and 9th chords of jazz.

This function also offers something called Accompaniment Styles that ends the remaining of the “group,” allowing the pianist to play directly.


Similar to the Yamaha DGX 650-B Digital, from Yamaha’s known CFIIIS performance suite, the Yamaha DGX 650 was “sampled.” This model features a color shift and offers a running board so that a 3-pedal unit can be installed.

This avoids pedaling while playing the piano and contributes to the feeling of the acoustic grand piano. The pianist can also use this instrument to record multiple musical parts without leaving the offer of specialist sound acoustic pianos. This instrument can still be moved from room to room, although not classified as a portable piano, giving the pianist the ability to practice in whatever room they choose or move it to a recording room or studio without too much difficulty.


The USB Audio Recording and Playback feature is also accessible with this version. The pianist can record plays or uncompressed MIDI tracks which, while using the USB Audio Recorder, guarantees the transfer of CD audio performance to a USB flash drive. So whatever the pianist chooses to record, it can be passed on to other media. The documents can be transferred to an audio CD, distributed internet, or performed via a portable music player after a recording has been completed.

Additionally, once the songs have been transferred to a computer; they can be downloaded onto an mp3 or iPod, and be taken on the go. The pianist now playback uncompressed WAV files stored on the USB flash drive.


Mother distinctive feature of this specific Yamaha model is the Auxiliary Line Input, which gives the pianist the capacity to connect any machine with a line input (Definition: one or more connectors or terminals from which a signal output is supplied).

In other words, a headphone style jack.) This includes mobile devices (phones, tablets and the like), mixers, and computers. Even other keyboards (pianos) can be connected. Once any of the above systems have been plugged in, the sound will pass through the internal speakers that are straight integrated into the PureCF piano.

This includes mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.), mixers, and computers. Other keyboards (pianos) can also be connected.

After connecting any of the above systems, the user can then combine, lay, record and move songs, and discover fresh music parts.


Actually, the piano is a percussion instrument, which implies getting a lot of weight behind the buttons, or “power” behind them. This provides the pianist a way to really punch those points and contribute to their output some weight. The pianist is needed to practice comparable power with an acoustic piano by possessing a completely weighted keyboard (GHS action).

They are also “touch sensitive” keys – a lighter key hit will generate a softer sound, a stronger sound will be produced by a stronger contact. It also offers an acoustic experience for the user; not only in sound performance, but often only an acoustic instrument can give the “grand piano pleasure”. 


The Yamaha DGX 650 is also available with a polyphony of 128-note. Polyphony is defined on an electrical keyboard by “the amount of notes or voices that can be played simultaneously without losing the quality of tone or notes.” While there may be 88 keys in a keyboard, the polyphony may be lower or higher.

In particular, polyphony relates to certain individual notes / tones that can be produced by a piano. By selecting a 128 polyphony electronic keyboard, sufficient horsepower will be available to accomplish what is known as a “dropout-free” output, while providing the capacity to lay various voices, and playing two-handed — continuous chords.

This feature can then be combined with another feature called ‘ Smart Chord, ‘ which provides a well-rounded acoustic experience for the user.


There are a few elements to this specific feature. First, it teaches the singer to perform by dividing up songs into individual parts like pitch and rhythm; afterwards, the program reconstructs the songs once recorded.

This implies that the pianist can only exercise one side of a song while the other is played by the DGX 650. There is also a Waiting Mode that stops the accompaniment until the player performs the notes on the display of the score. Your Tempo Mode will monitor and modify the tempo depending on the precision of the pianist.

And finally, Minus One Mode enables the pianist, from start to finish, to play the piano segment and then give the player a performance-based grade.


The Yamaha DGX 650’s ultimate feature is the “You Are the Mist” Series. This request provides the user the opportunity to play professionally organized, play along with music, along with Hal Leonard’s songbooks. If, from the comfort of their own home, the musician dreams of “playing the greats,” this request is a great tool to accomplish that.

This feature gives the pianist the chance to become Elton John, Adele, Taylor Swift and many others. Or, this is a perfect way to encourage said classes for just starling out in their classes. In brief, the series “You Are the Mist” is a beautiful way to display different piano songs, styles, the skill of the pianist and more.

The Good Stuff

  • Capable of installing a 3 Pedal Unit, it acts as a stationary acoustic piano.
  • Ability to link different equipment to improve playback and recording.
  • Weighted keys offering an acoustic piano feel.
  • Excellent speaker sound.

The Bad Stuff

  • The buttons and the piano itself will “creak” after a while.
  • Not portable: moving/setup will require two individuals: it can complicate the initial installation.

What is included in the box?

Power supply, keyboard, stand, music stand, and owner’s handbook. The client will also want to buy a sustain pedal. Either the 3-pedal unit FC4 or LP7. The Three-Pedal Unit provides extra play choices, but its capacity to conn to the piano is the most significant characteristic, preventing it from slipping around.

Will it be necessary to buy a seat independently from the piano?

Yes, this specific model requires an individually bought bench.

Is it possible to plug in an mp3 player or iPod and listen to both music and piano at once?

Yes, at the same time as practicing the piano, a device can be plugged in and used.

Is the stand included?

Yes, the stand comes with the piano. Pedal and Bench, however, must be bought individually.

Does it record?

Yes, the user can record onto a USB flash drive.

How much does it weigh without the stand?

The keyboard alone is 10 ounces, 49 pounds. The stand weight is 65 pounds, one ounce.

Is this the follow-up model to the 640?

Yes, this is the next model up.

How does the sound quality compare with the P-1057?

The sound is very comparable, possibly a bit bigger. This model’s primary benefits are found in the “extras.” I.E. More sound programs, plug-in capacity in different systems, etc.


Finally, the Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano is an ideal buy at home for those searching for the performance of the concert piano.

This Yamaha digital piano provides a wide range of characteristics intended to fit every need, from beginner to professional, playing at home alone, or recording for the masses. From the capacity to use mobile devices, pcs, and additional keyboards to enhance the experience of piano play, to a weighted keyboard with an acoustic piano touch.

Lastly, it is important to make a note of the need for a pedal, and an adjustable bench in order to complete the concert piano ensemble. For anyone performing on a symphonic or concert stage, the significance of a well-crafted instrument is essential.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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