Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano Review 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

The Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano is one of the most popular Yamaha digital pianos in the Yamaha P series. This is due to the quality sound and easy to use features present in this digital piano. The piano measures 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches and weighs 35.7 pounds. It has 88 notes with 4 levels touch sensitivity; Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed. The piano is made of two polished touch of black and white and 2 pedals and 14 preset voices. What you need to know about the features present in the Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano.



The keyboard of this piano consists of 88 keys with graded hammer action. The upper keys respond to a light touch while the keys on the lower part of the keyboard respond to a heavier touch. The keyboard can be divided into duo modes. The keyboard is designed to give you a true feel and response of a real piano keyboard.


Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano has two pedals, the sustain pedal which is most common among the digital pianos and the soft pedal with a foot controller input.


The power on /power off button is situated on the upper left of the keyboard the on/off button for the internal speakers is on the real panel. The main volume slider button is located in the right top of the keyboard. The most important switches have a LED light to make the user aware that they are active.

Pianist Style

Most pianos do not contain the pianist style but the Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano has a pianist style. The Pianist Style is a technology that enables you to turn the simple sound of the piano chord into an exciting full piano accompaniment.

LCD Display

The LCD backlit screen with contrast control is located just above the keyboard and makes it possible for the screen to display 32 characters at a time making it possible for you to take a look at the songs as they play.

USB MIDI Support

The Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano contains a USB Host Support to connect the piano directly with the computer. This makes it easier for you to take different music production applications and notations to your piano from your computer. Alternatively, you can use the AUX Line Out to connect the piano with the soundcard of the computer, to mix console or to add more power to the speakers of the digital piano.

Recording Feature and Amplifier

The piano has 4 speakers; two speakers are 12 cm and the other two are 5 cm. It has 2 amplifiers of 7 watt that play simultaneously. The piano also has a 2 track recorder that can record a full song at once with the SMP playback facility.

Music Library

The music library consists of 14 demo songs and 50 preset piano songs with each song taking up about 100 KB of space. The music library of this piano also has 128 polyphony notes.

Power Consumption

The piano consumes 11 watt of electricity to play. You can use the power off option to save power consumption.

Pros of Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great sound quality
  • Ideal for both new learners and experienced pianists
  • Pianist Style helps to improve the piano sound
  • No plastic feeling keyboard

Cons of Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano

  • The speakers are not of high quality

The above are some of the most important features I found in the Yamaha P series P105B 88-key digital piano and some of the pros and cons. Different people have different views about the ease to use a certain digital piano and the best features that they found in the piano thus, these might not be the best features for you but I find these features to be of paramount importance if you are to effectively use this digital piano.

Zen Chung

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