Yamaha P71 Review 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung


What does The Yamaha P71 Offer?

high-end acoustic piano voices backed with amazing quality sound and
good resonance, Yamaha surpassed itself. Yamaha holds the quality of
the keys in a way no other brand has ever done, with the amazing
technology of Yamaha’s entry level Graded Hammer Standard. It
brings realistic weighted 88 action keys that will make you feel like
you’re playing a real grand piano. This is the Amazon Exclusive
P71 full sized electric digital piano.

completely support your keyboard with easy this product you can
purchase the Yamaha’s high-quality stand which you can acquire, as
so many other useful accessories and add-on pieces, for a few dollars
more. Like the effects pedal and the pair of headphones.

Yamaha P71 is extremely easy to stow away or storage until next use
because it’s has a really slim and light weighted body shape with a
depth no more than 13 inches, this is an amazing selling point to
this product. It’s not a weird or out of proportion piano for
families with children so it is very practical household or
decorative item in your home. You don’t have to worry about the
kids or pets damaging it when you’re no playing it because since it
is extremely slim and practical you can fit it and safeguard it
anywhere in your house.

you’re looking for everything you need to start learning and
playing, this keyboard it’s the perfect provider. The Yamaha P71
it’s the predestinate purchase for the beginners, and who knows,
maybe a music career is waiting for you.

is the ideal digital instrument that will lead its user into right
direction musically, and this is what the brands Yamaha and Amazon
were thinking about when they teamed up to creative this exclusive
product. You can rest assured that amazing and highly reputed
companies like Amazon and Yamaha worked without rest to bring you
this product with the best quality.


will be able to start experience the music once you set up the
keyboard. When you open the box you will see it is not a big or
frightening machine that will cost you a lot to set up and start like
mane other of its kind in the market. You only need to plug it in and
start playing. The controls are already set up regardless of how
experienced you are.

The action and response in the weighted action keyboard is one of the
most noticeable features of the Yamaha P71 when you first start using
it. Your fingers won’t get tire too quickly or hurt and you will
have most efficient control over the touch and sound of the keyboard.
But more that surprising, this realistic feeling feature will make
you experience the delight on playing the piano.

Dual Mode functionality will allow you to record your creative work
on the P71, which you can use to play along your own music or to play
as a duet. You will get multiple voice to choose from of the Yamaha’s
award-winning grand pianos. You can switch between keyboard sounds
with its easy to use interface.


most natural and realistic sounds are provided by the sampling of the
most valued acoustic pianos of Yamaha. In the P71 you can see that
Yamaha put an enormous effort on the sound. You can feel the
difference of lows and high tones when playing from left to right.
You have a wide variety of option for your playing with the stock of
10 different piano voices this keyboard comes with.

can also play many different types of sounds along your music with
the Duel Mode of the Yamaha P71 to emulate the experience of a full
performance. No other entry-level instrument on the market can
provide you the capability of recording loops with 10 different
instrument voices to create your own style and soundscape.


is a piano for those who want to use their instrument as a
accompaniment of their music workstation. You can connect your
keyboard P71 through a USB port to a computer and use it as a MIDI
device. You can just plug in, hit the record and start playing that
tune you have in mind before it gets forgotten.

P71 also comes with an audio output that you can use for your
headphones or external amplifiers. With the power adapter it comes
with will run just smoothly.

P71 Vs Yamaha P-45

a fraction of the same prince beginners can obtain a real piano sound
with the entry level keyboard Yamaha P45. Both come with the same 88
key weighted action keyboard besides the same effects and sound
styles. They have basically the same features.

the P45 and P71 the main difference is that the P45 is more expensive
while the P71 was made to be sold exclusively on Amazon. Either
keyboard is just as good for starting players because they have the
same overall quality and style, the differences are barely

P71 Vs Yamaha P-115

keys of the Yamaha P115 come with a matte finish and the touch
settings are more modifiable. With this piano you will feel more
control over the touch and feel of the sensitivity of the keys and it
is made to fit a more skilled piano player. This keyboard would be
the next step after you dominated an entry level one.

improve of the built-in speakers of the P115 in comparison with the
P71 is also widely noticeable, with clearer audio and better
resonance. This is made for a professional player to perform in a
professional gig. This keyboard is also just a little more expensive
at $599.99, being also the next level in regard to the price.

P71 Vs Casio PX-160

Casio and Yamaha are known for being the top competitor in the
digital keyboard market, and their excellent product are the result
of that. This competition has made these two giants to keep producing
the most innovative and pristine product for their customers. As an
example of that endless competition we have from the Casio part the
PX-160. This piano has the ability to produce clear and rich sound
way superior to its competitors, with its full support of 128
polyphony infused with Casio’s AiR sound engineering.

The users of the PX-160 are provided with a vast array of music to accompany their musician experience with a music library of 60 songs at approximately 90KB a song. The high quality built in speakers this piano comes with makes useless playing it with headphones or external amplifier.

Yamaha P71 Review

unique P71 from Amazon is a full-size electric keyboard is made with
88 accurate weighted keys that make you feel like you’re playing an
actual instrument. The keys are supported by Yamaha’s first-degreed
Hammer Standard, that takes their quality to a higher level than
other products on the market. Yamaha improved itself with exceptional
acoustic piano tones based on a first-class sound and an amazing

you buy a P71, you can choose between two packs. Adding some dollars,
you can get the full equipment which includes effect pedals, a stand,
and earphones. All this stuff gives the owner the chance to sit and
play wherever he wants. The stand is solid and can hold the piano

feature to look at is its light and slim build. Just about 13”
deep, it is a very practical equipment to store till the next lesson.
It is actually a domestic appliance and not very difficult for the
kids of the house. And thanks to its practicality for moving and
saving, there’s no risk of children, neighbors or pets damaging in
the meantime.

P71 is actually a great choice for starters. If you’re planning to
initiate yourself as a musician, this is a great instrument to take
your first steps. The reason why Yamaha and Amazon joined together to
produce this unique electric keyboard, is because they wanted to
release an instrument able to put the user in the right path to his
musical aspirations. Having two giant references as Yamaha and Amazon
working together to create great household appliances for the public,
is the most trustworthy promise of what you will get from this


doesn’t matter if you’re a starter or an advanced student. The
settings are ready to be turned on and play. When you just unbox it,
you see it’s not a device to be afraid of, as other similar devices
tend to be. Owners will immediately be able to start up their musical

thing to consider about the P71 is the effect and answer of the
weighted keys. Your fingering will be requited and you will feel you
have the power upon the keyboard, without feeling unnecessary effort
or weariness. It really feels like an actual piano, which is
impressive and joyful for a starter to play.

piano is very light to operate when it comes to interaction and
changing the emulation voices. You can choose between many voices
which are representative sounds of Yamaha’s renowned pianos. It
includes a Duel Mode feature that allows you to record your music
onboard. With this you can play your music in the background to
accompany you playing. It is useful to play different voices at the
same time for a more polyphonic and delightful performance.


aspect to look at in the P71 is the high-quality general sounding of
this instrument. Yamaha incorporates virtual audio recordings of
their most precious acoustic pianos to give you lifelike fresh tones.
As a result, when you start playing the keyboard you immediately
realize the clean sound of note scale from low to high. The
instrument incorporates 10 different instrument voices and a wide
range of styles you can choose from for your music composition.

you want a full pack of instruments coupled to a single artifact, let
me tell you in this keyboard you’ve got bass and drums all
included. Also classical philharmonic sounds such as strings and
metal instruments.

takes us to the Duel Mode function. This allows you to play a variety
of sounds along with your own music, giving you the feeling of being
playing with a band on a stage. You can record and loop your
creations with each of the 10 type of sounds to make a background
accompaniment, which is lacking in any other keyboard for starters.


bet you’re looking for a keyboard able to access to an audio
library where you can lodge your creations. The P71 can be linked to
any PC with an USB you can plug to it. This way none of your
compositions will be lost in a matter of time. Just connect it, push
record and play, and your melodies will be saved in your favorite
audio library.

piano includes a power adapter to avoid overloads and keep it safe
while working. And a headphone output to keep your practice private.
The audio output also works to plug into a speaker or amplifier so
you can play a concert at full volume.


no wonder that the P71 has to compete with some other important
products. Now we’re going to check some of those pianos out. We can
start with the following challenger:

P71 Vs Yamaha P45

P45 is another initial level piano for starters who want to hear and
feel an authentic piano sound and want to pay just a portion of its
price. It comes with almost the same functions as the P71. It’s
also fitted with 88 weighted keys and shares its sound effects and


first difference we notice is that the P45 is more expensive than the
P71, and the latter was made for selling only on Amazon. But if we
check and compare their qualities and features, they are basically
the same. Any of both pianos are great for beginners to start up.

P71 vs Yamaha P115

the range of keyboards, the P115 is one step beyond. The surface of
the keys is matte and offers many changes in the touch configuration.
This model gives you more power to manage the feel and impression of
the keys to reach the playing manner more adequate for you.

P115 is also fitted with an inbuilt speaker for a fresh and clear
audio sounding. You will definitely hear the powerful and realistic
sound that comes out of this instrument. At about $600, this piano is
a bit less affordable but as I mentioned, it’s one step beyond on
your musical career.

P71 vs Casio PX160

has always been one of the Yamaha’s first rivals in terms of
keyboard production. And not without merit. They managed to release
one of the most advanced and authentic instruments available. The
PX160 is of course a worthy challenger. It holds a total of 128
polyphony combined with Casio’s Air Sound system. This product is
able then to generate a fresh and wide variety of sounds lacking in
other products.

PX160 is loaded with sixty songs at about 90KB each song, giving
players a wide range of music to play along with their own music as
they practice. It also includes an onboard speaker to play wherever
you are, without need of earphones or an amplifier.


P71 is not the best keyboard, but since it costs under $500, it is an
ideal choice for starters who give their first steps on the musical
path. But I want to remind you this: Yamaha itself said that the P71
and the P45 are just identical products. The distance is that the P71
is sold only on Amazon. If you still hesitate to buy either of them,
maybe the aspect that should make your mind is the price of each one.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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