Yamaha P85B Digital Piano Review 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

When it comes to music the brand name Yamaha comes to mind, known as a foremost manufacturer of musical instruments it is recognized all over the world. Yamaha is very popular for its array of digital pianos that can suit any level and will fit any budget. The yamaha p85 is one of their popular models and boast the good qualities that Yamaha brand is known for.

The Yamaha P85B digital piano produces quality sound and has the natural piano response touch that musicians all over are happy about. The built-in speaker system has a sleek slim design but as expected packed a good sound quality output. The yamaha p85b has the outstanding qualities known to this brand considering the affordability. It is always ready to play tunes any time with no complications and is one of the best digital pianos available in the market today.


Exceptional Highlights of YAMAHA P85B:

  • High Quality Audio Output- the Yamaha p85 produces high quality piano sounds that can only come from the innovative feature AWM Stereo Sampling unique to this digital piano Yamaha brand.
  • Innovative Dual Voice Function and Voice Selection- the yamaha p85b can provide exceptional quality of instrument voices in various accompaniments such as strings, organs, electric pianos including harpsichord.
  • Realistic and Natural Acoustic Touch Response- the yamaha p85b digital piano has the unique GHS or graded hammer standard feature that is patterned after a real acoustic piano.
  • Performance Recorder- the song recording feature can actually record song in real time. This will come in handy when a piano player needs to study their piano playing skill or use it as an accompaniment.
  • Half Pedal Effect- this yamaha p85b features a half pedal effect with the optional LP5 Pedal Unit or FC3 Foot Controller.
  • Ultra Sleek Compact Design- the ultra slim design that can suit any place or home décor and will not take a lot of space. Weighs only at 25 pounds.


  • The high quality sound of yamaha p85b will easily allow changes in the volume and tone depending on the player’s tempo.
  • It has ability to play two Voices at the same time through the Dual Voice feature which will add versatility to all piano players.
  • Piano players can enjoy the authentic natural piano key touch that can very well produce low and high notes for a more appealing professional piano sounds.
  • Recording any piano performance is possible through the built in metronome useful when practicing and recording.
  • The yamaha digital piano p85b can give expressive acoustic control on sound output.
  • Lightweight and slim design can beautifully enhance any room décor.
  • Equipped with a powerful built in speaker that can provide high fidelity sound in any kind of surrounding.
  • Affordable- a true value for money.


  • With only two built-in speakers will probably need to attach an auxiliary speaker system.
  • Needs a z-stand for stability.
  • Probably will need an amplifier.

FINAL Verdict on Yamaha P85B

We all know that Yamaha is a good brand when it comes to digital pianos and the yamaha p85b is an epitome of good workmanship. Has features that are unique including the impressive acoustic piano sound and its slim sleek design.

Overall, the yamaha p85b is an impressive digital piano for any type of player considering the low inexpensive price as compared to other digital pianos around. The yamaha p85b is highly recommended for budget conscious people without compromising quality sound.

Zen Chung

I'm Zen Chung, a piano and violin teacher based out of Plano, Texas. I started this blog because my students (and their parents) kept asking about the best musical instruments to buy online. Look no further I'm here to save the day! 

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