Yamaha P95B Review 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung

Weighing 26 lbs and having dimensions of 11.6” (D) x 52.2” (W) x 5.9” (H), the Yamaha P95B digital piano delivers quality sound output and keyboard sensitivity. The Yamaha brand is well-known world-wide and provides detailed products that are stylish, reliable and have great value. With 50 sample songs provided, you can begin creating your own sample music and beats. Trust the Yamaha brand to deliver sound quality in an easy to use product. Also known for attention to details, you can save a lot of space by acquiring this style of piano.

Lightweight and able to pack a punch and deliver high quality sound, the piano uses a sample system known as Advanced Wave Memory (AWM sampling) which can generate high-quality acoustic tones through the use of digital filters and sampling audio notes with differing levels of strength.


Product Highlights

  • 88-note and Graded Hammer Standard keyboard
  • 50 piano songs built into the piano
  • Advanced Wave Memory (AWM sampling)
  • Collection of voices like Jazz Organ and Strings


Features of the Yamaha P95B include its 88-note and matte black-toned keyboard, multiple voices including EP and string voices, sample songs and a 64-note polyphony. More details on the features of this piano are provided below:

Keyboard – With a matte finish and Graded Hammer Standard (GHS), the keyboard for the Yamaha P95B has a collection of 88 heavy and light keys. The lighter keys are on top and are more appealing for playing lightly.

Style – The Yamaha P95B is designed to impress but also offer great functionality and use. Compact and easy to move around, the piano is stylish and lightweight

Space Saver – Able to deliver quality sound while occupying as little space as possible makes this piano a rare gem

Functions – The functions of the P95B include transpose (-6 to 0 and 0 to +6), tempo that ranges from 32 to 280, metronome and tuning

Sound – The unit includes two speakers that help to enhance the sound capability of the piano. The speakers are slim and well-designed to fit perfectly with the P95B. The amplifiers (6 watts in each channel) are able to lightly transform the sound emerging from the piano into quality notes that are clear and crisp

Advanced Wave Memory – This is a sampling system that uses digital technology to provide acoustic renditions and backgrounds

Voices – A variety of voices are included with this piano including Strings, EP and Jazz, Organs, Grand Pianos, Vibraphones and Harpsichords

Stereo Speaker System – You can enjoy perfect audio output with the included stereo system

Sample Songs – Listen to 50 sample songs that provide an idea of the kind of music the Yamaha P95B can produce


Step into style with this P95B Yamaha instrument that provides stylish versatility and quality. The piano provides great quality sound, slim built-in speakers, fast responses from the matte keys and a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard. The Yamaha P95B provides 2 6-watt amplifiers, 2 thin high-quality speakers measuring 6 cm X 12 cm, an optional pedal unit, connectivity for 2 headphones, 65 KB of internal storage memory for composed songs, a sustaining pedal, 12V DC In and in/out MIDI connections. There are also other accessories which are included such as a footswitch and a resting place for music. 5 stars rated

Zen Chung

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