Yamaha PSR-E263 Review 

 October 25, 2020

By  Zen Chung

Yamaha PSR E263: 7 reasons why you should buy this keyboard to learn to play piano in 2019

Nice things:

  • 400 clear and fresh voices
  • 9-step lesson system
  • Recording feature
  • Duo mode that turns one piano into two
  • Compact layout

Not so nice things:

  • Doesn’t come with power cord.

Summary: This electric piano is a great option for starter and intermediate players. But it’s the Duo Mode what makes the difference by turning a single piano into a dual learning machine.

Yamaha is renowned for its reliable products and affordable prices. This brand has produced high-quality keyboards and other light and resistant musical equipment. Yamaha remains the best brand creating great and appropriate appliances, one of which is the PSR-E263 Portable Piano.

The PSR-E263 is the ideal piano for starters and amateur players. It incorporates 400 instrument sounds, 130 demo rhythms and 112 songs. It comes with a lesson function that teaches newbies to play 100 loaded songs. It’s boosted by the Yamaha Education Suite. It has an AUX input to turn the piano into a speaker for your music devices. So, you can play the piano, listen to your favorite songs, make your own music or learn inbuilt songs, all at a reasonable price.

The most noticeable function of this model is the duo mode. With this feature you can split your piano into two, so you increase your sound options for a more interesting learning.

Yamaha PSR-E263 Review

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  • 400 instrument sounds, 130 demo rhythm styles
  • Full-sized keyboard for unlimited playing
  • 32 level polyphony for more variated sounds
  • Duo mode to split the piano; like having two pianos in one
  • AUX input to use as an amplifier for your music devices, for singing along or playing music
  • Comes with a 9-step lesson function that makes piano learning more dynamic and fun
  • Small and easy to move around

Good traits of Yamaha PSR-E263

First, 61 full-sized keys

A keyboard that allows to play a complete piano without exhausting you, which is ideal for starters. This model gives you the chance to dominate the piano the easy way before you level up to a larger model or even an authentic piano.

Second, the duo mode

This function of the PSR models is the most exclusive function seen on an instrument of this kind. Just pushing a button, you can split you keyboard in two, a middle C each of them, for a more dynamic music learning and richer composing. It’s just like playing two pianos on a single device. You can even play alongside with another person on the same keyboard.

Third, 400 Instrument sounds

These feature makes you feel like a pro, having an actual live performance. Chorus style improves your music composing.

Fourth, 130 demo rhythms and 112 inbuilt songs

You will feel like a pro playing alongside with these rhythms. It includes band and orchestra performances. This way you won’t feel lonely or bored when practicing the piano. The song storage has 112 songs to keep you busy. They are there to play and listen or to play along.

Fifth, 9-steps lesson mode

It is an exclusive function you will find in the PSR. It makes learning easier for novices and they don’t have to take lessons in a college. It begins by playing with a single hand, and moves forward to a two-hand playing. This mode is a great choice for learning piano at home for amateur players.

Sixth, Small and easy to move

Having a party at your friend’s house, or a barbeque at your backyard? No problem. You can take your portable piano with you wherever you go. The PSR-E263 works on batteries, so power outages won’t be a problem. You can also take it to a remote place without electricity, like when camping.

Seventh, AUX input

Includes a jack for AUX input where you can connect your music devices to hear some music and play along. This is an ideal feature for parties, since it lets you play music and play along too.

Drawbacks of the PSR-E263

First, Keys are not weighted and not touch-sensitive

This is a standard model, so you won’t have sophisticated traits like weighted keys, but the 61 keys are durable and spring back to emulate higher keyboards. Also, they’re not sensitive to pressure, so the tones won’t sound different whether you play softly or toughly.

Second, Accompaniment sounds are too loud

Maybe some people wouldn’t care about the accompaniment sound being too loud. But the truth is that most players would find this trait as a bad thing since it eclipses the playing of the piano. Unfortunately, you can’t turn it down.

Third, Lacks USB and MIDI inputs

It’s a shame, but this keyboard can’t be linked to your PC. Connection is an important plus point, most of all for younger people, and with all the software and mobile devices accessible for anyone today. If connection is fundamental to you, I invite you to research other Yamaha products like the EZ-220 or the YPT-240.

Why would you purchase the Yamaha PSR-E263?

If you are a starter player eager to learn piano, but not sure of going too far without knowing if you’ve got what it takes, the PSR is a great deal for you. You don’t have to disburse a huge amount of money to take piano lessons before you level up to a major league keyboard or piano. You don’t even have to be a melomaniac to be caught by it.

One of the main aspects that is absolutely spot on for starters is the Yamaha Education Lesson Function. This learning system makes piano lessons simple and interesting. And the inbuilt songs and student helpers like the listen, timing and waiting modes really remove the need of a teacher in the first place.

Another awesome merit of this keyboard is its recording mode. With this you can capture your playing at ease.

The trait that simplifies the job of a teacher is the Duo Mode. This is ideal to teach and play at once on the same keyboard. This function splits the keyboard into two equal parts, so the student can watch and follow the teacher’s playing.


As a rule, entry-level pianos have low-quality inbuilt speakers. The PSR-E263 is the exception to the rule.

It has a broad stereo system that provides a multidimensional sound. The sound comes out fresh and water clear even if you turn the volume to the max.

The main sound effects that called our attention are reverb and chorus. These are like open windows to experiencing and creation.

We are getting deeper and deeper into connectivity and globalization. And the PSR doesn’t fall behind. Look at the back end and you will see an AUX input to connect your music device to play along with your playlist.

Most artists feel inspired and need to express their creativity at 3 AM. What would you do if inspiration arrives at you when it’s 3 AM?

Yamaha PSR E263 allows you to play as late as you need without waking up your family or your bad-tempered partner by adding an earphone output.

The earphone output is an awesome trait. You just have to plug your earphones to the keyboard and you can play loud and long without annoying anyone sleeping around you. Anyway, all the modern keyboards have an AUX input, so it’s not such a big deal.

Zen Chung

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