Yamaha YDP-184 Review 

 March 3, 2021

By  Zen Chung


Yamaha YDP-184 Review: Elegance and Efficiency

Yamaha has launched now a new virtuous instrument which is rich in functions, has an incredibly delighting sound, and is composed of the best material you have ever seen in the music industry.

This masterpiece is supported by today’s most virtuoso and prestigious musicians worldwide.

This Yamaha Arius YDP-184 review will tell you all you have to know in order to truly value this attractive and functional instrument.

If you’re looking for the very best keyboard, you’ll be interested in knowing that the Yamaha Arius line perfectly fits in that list.

Professionals and amateurs need the most accurate Yamaha keyboard reviews to make up their minds. This Review will give you the information you need to find out what you will get from this amazing piano by providing the required data before you consciously decide to disburse your well-earned money.

First you must know where the piano comes from. Well, Yamaha is one of the most important piano manufacturers in the world, so you don’t have to worry about that.

We all need to hear that our piano is supported by a brand that demands excellence in every detail.

All Yamaha appliances are addressed to pros, and their entry-level keyboards are so well thought out, they even develop with the player.

Yamaha has taken the unique sound of their acoustic pianos and embed it into this electric keyboard model.

Don’t worry: If you buy Yamaha, you get the best of the best.

Design and Hallmark

Many users go for the Arius models because they have that unmistakable authentic piano sound in a smaller size.

This instrument is not larger than a wall piano, but its sound is as good as a grand piano sound. This is great for the living room, a studio, a church, and even a concert.

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To be true, technically every circumstance where you need the best keyboard in the end demands this keyboard. That’s the main aspect about this product.

Voices and Sound

This model features a lot of different voices, but the CFX Premium Grand Piano steals the scene with its authentic acoustic piano voice and turns this model into the best keyboard.

This voice has been taken from the Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano. This piano has been played by the greatest musicians at the most important concerts all over the world.

In other words, the sound of this device is the same sound of one of the greatest pianos ever created, but digitally improved.

This grand piano voice was improved even more with the Yamaha’s Virtual Resonance Modeling. This is the method they used to record each note with two microphones at different distances to capture the sound at different levels.

Each of these notes were digitally improved so that you notice the difference in each hit of the keys.

The earphones are a great feature. It has an earphone output that is conveniently placed beneath the screen.

Yamaha improved the sound of the earphones function with a Stereophonic Optimizer that refines the sound and stereo qualities to give the player the highest quality sound a piano could ever have.

The results of this is a multidimensional sound quality similar to what you would hear at a professional studio.

Touch and Feel

It has ivory-like keys which feature Yamaha’s Graded Hammer 3 action or GH3 which means the pianist will get the perfect touch response which is something you would expect from a grand piano rather than the “synthesizer” touch you can feel in devices like this.

The surface of the keys are made of a sweat-absorbing substance that helps prevent slipping notes. Every aspect was studied during the manufacturing of this instrument.

LCD Screen

A big and clear LCD screen is located to a side of the keys, accompanied with a lot of pushing buttons for an easy operation of all the features of the keyboard in real time when needed.

There are 24 different voices to play, several demo rhythms, and other functions such as tempo, metronome and record.

You can hear your playing in private by using earphones which also improve the sound quality, or you can use the embedded speakers that highlight note and chord definition and the clearness of the sound. Or you can attach it to speakers or a studio set up to make all music arrangements, mixes and additions with a computer with a compatible operative system.

Ultra-Realistic Pedal Kit

The kit is composed of the following pedals, from left to right:

Half-Blow, Soft, or One-String Pedal: This is a standard pedal for grand or wall pianos. The function of this pedal is to bring the hammers forward in real pianos, and that’s why this pedal is called this way. The tone is therefore softer in each key that you hit.

Sostenuto: The name of this pedal is Italian for Sustained, but the effect of this one is a bit different than the sustain pedal that works from the middle to the right.

Sustain: This pedal is called by experienced musicians as the soul of the piano, since the effect of this pedal is fundamental, which is to sustain single notes while it is pressed, and also to sustain ensuing notes while it is still pressed.

This pedal kit works as well as in a real piano. The pedal effects were recorded from the same instrument used during the sound creating session in the production of this keyboard.

Yamaha Arius YDP-184 Digital Piano

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Recording Function

Apart from a lot of other functions, this piano comes with an embedded recording feature that allows you to record your performance.

You can also play your performance, pause it, rewind it, play along with it and even layer with other voices and effects.

The recording can be divided in two tracks, so each track will be capture of each hand if you want. This makes track playback and recording again easier.

What else comes in the box?

The YDP-184 is packed with a quilted leather bench, a power cord, a sheet stand, and a booklet of sheet music with many traditional themes included.


This keyboard can be linked via USB to any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. That means that you don’t have restrictions to use any great music app available.

You’ll also be able to store your sheet music in a virtual format so that you don’t have to hoard lots of paper music, which means free space.

Inputs and Outputs

It has an ¼-inch audio output that you can use for speakers or preferentially for headphones which are the sharpest audio option to hear the great sound of this keyboard.

Last Words

Leaving all digital advantages aside, the Yamaha Arius YDP-184 is still one of the best electric keyboards in the music industry in terms of sound quality and feel.

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